Why Albright? – Albright College

Why Albright?

Be an innovator at Albright College

Albright College students create, innovate and tackle life-changing challenges to develop solutions that may not even exist yet. Engage the world, understand the world, and be prepared to make an impact though an Albright College education.

Named a top national performer on Social Mobility 2024 by U.S. News & World Report, Albright College, Reading, Pa., (founded 1856) is home to engaging faculty who believe that the best academic moments are when students feel inspired and ready to take action. The college’s distinctive co-major program enables students to cross or combine different areas of study, without taking longer to graduate. Study alongside undergraduate students, adult learners and graduate students, and ignite your SPARK at Albright College.


An individualized learning experience

At Albright, you’ll be encouraged to cross or combine majors to create an individualized academic program, without taking longer to graduate. Choose from more than 150 combined majors, or if you prefer, create your own accredited combination! Nearly half of our students personalize their degrees with the close guidance of faculty mentors.

A diverse group of students at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, sits in a circle discussing a class project. A diverse and inclusive campus
Named as one of the Top 12 Most Diverse Colleges in Pennsylvania, Albright College is a place where students from a multitude of cultures and backgrounds come to exchange ideas, share experiences and grow. Want to see the world through others’ eyes? Want to expand your own horizons? Apply to Albright College.
A collaborative, supportive approach to learning
At Albright College, you will be mentored by professors who have a personal interest in your success. You will work one-on-one with faculty through programs like the Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE). And you will be challenged to see the world in different ways. If you want to study with faculty in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Hawaii and other exotic locales, our January interim term gives you that unique opportunity.
Students at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania move into the residence halls. A real four-year community
At Albright, full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus for all four years. Why? Because we’ve found it’s the best way to build strong community. For you, it offers a multitude of benefits to enhance your social, intellectual and interpersonal growth. And it gives you more opportunities to get involved in activities that contribute to critical-thinking skills. Studies show that it leads to higher GPAs as well.
A place to get involved
Looking for opportunities to lead, serve and engage? You’ll certainly find it at Albright. We offer more than 70 student groups, honor societies and clubs, including leadership organizations such as Lion Diplomats, social groups like the Albright College Gamers Guild, and arts organizations such as Club Vogue. We also have a vibrant Greek life. If you’re looking to continue your athletic career, you’ll be glad to know that more than 30% of Albright undergraduates participate on our 24 varsity athletic teams.
A group of sorority members at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, gather for a picture during Greek Week.

Value beyond our classrooms

Studies show that when you receive your diploma from Albright college, you will be set up for success, whether you plan to continue your education or begin your exciting career.


Top College for Social Mobility
Albright College ranks among the top 31 national liberal arts colleges for social mobility according to U.S. News & World Report. It’s a testament to the efforts we’ve made to help economically disadvantaged students achieve their dream of earning a college degree.
90% Acceptance to Medical School
Albright College’s challenging curriculum and personal approach to education prepares students well for professional education in allopathic and osteopathic medical schools. In fact, Albright’s acceptance rate is more than double the national average of 41%.
A “Best Value College”
Based on key statistics from the U.S. Department of Education, Albright College ranks among the Top 88 Best Value Colleges it the state. And with our 41% tuition reduction in 2019-20, the value of an Albright education is greater than ever before.
High ROI
Median-income levels for Albright alumni outpace most private and public colleges. In fact, the College Scorecard shows that Albright College’s 40-year return on investment (ROI) ranks in the top 17% of more than 4,500 institutions across the country, with graduates reaping a long-term net economic gain of $951,000.