Albright College Volunteer Center

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The Albright College Volunteer Center seeks to provide volunteer opportunities and information to Albright's community, to network with service organizations on and off campus, and to champion the notion of volunteerism as a means of understanding our role as active citizens who affect change in the world.

Volunteer Opportunities / Resources at Albright College

As part of Albright’s liberal arts community, the Volunteer Center believes that volunteering and service engage students in a deeper understand of our scholarship, as well as our duties as global citizens. Every year, Albright students contribute thousands of hours of service to Berks County and around the globe. Each week, the Volunteer Center sends an email with opportunities and resources available to those interested in volunteering. To be added to our weekly email list, please email us at volunteer@albright.edu. In addition, you can follow our social media accounts below to stay updated on all volunteer information:

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Contact the Volunteer Center:

Email: volunteer@albright.edu
Phone: 610-921-7621
Office: Located at the lower level of the Campus Center across from Jake’s Place.

Office Hours:
Mondays 10-11:30AM, 1-4:30PM
Tuesdays 1-3PM
Wednesdays 10-11:30AM
Thursdays 9-11AM, 1-2PM
Fridays 10-11:30AM

Volunteer Center Staff

Staff Manager:
Tiffany Clayton

Student Advisers:
Nate Rothermel (Supervisor)
Sian Carter
Tyler Stricker
Ryan McManus
Alex Papoutsis

Albright College Volunteer Center
610-921-7621 volunteer@albright.edu