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Music Production Certificate

What should I know about the Certificate program?

As one of only a few “Avid Learning Partners” in Pennsylvania, Albright College is uniquely-positioned to offer pre-professional online instruction in music production, audio engineering, and the music products industry.

Learn to navigate the music industry by blending vocational skills and Avid Pro Tools music software training with critical thinking – all while gaining dual Pro Tools certification in music technology and game audio.

Students will receive an industry-standard music technology certification in Avid Pro Tools software, as well as a second game audio certification in Pro Tools.


Frequently asked questions

How can I use this?
You’ll learn how music is recorded, mixed, mastered and distributed in the global marketplace, and gain tools to help change the music products industry for the better.

How many courses do I need to take? How long does this take?
Albright College’s music production certificate consists of five courses (units), offered asynchronously. Each class lasts 7.5 weeks.

Can I take these courses online?
Yes, courses are available in an online asynchronous format.

How much does the program cost?
The price per course (unit) is $1500. This cost is inclusive; there are no additional fees. Materials needed will be a separate cost.

When can I start?
There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to begin certificate/minor programs in the School of Professional Studies: Fall 1 and 2, Spring 1 and 2, and Summer 1.

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