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Student Programs

In our campus facility, we host year-round programming, offered both during and after-school and throughout the summer. These programs encourage students to create self-directed research projects across all disciplines, such as biomedical, environmental, biotechnological and materials sciences, arts, theater, sociology, eSports, culinary sciences and more.

After-School Memberships (Grades 5–12)

During the school year, students work on self-directed research projects under the guidance of Total Experience Learning interns and facilitators. Our lab gives students access to 3D printers, biosafety cabinets, a full histology lab, a genetics lab, our community art studio, and more. Our membership operates like a gym — students can come and go as they please. You do not need to be at the program every night. This is unique because the program is tailored to each student’s journey. This program runs from early September to early May.

3–5:30 p.m.
(Guided programming or independent research time)

(Independent research time—during this time, students have access to mentors to help them with the research process.)

Program Costs:
$600/semester or $1100/year
(Discounts available for multiple children + children of Albright employees.)

Membership Enrollment: 325


Dual Enrollment

Highly motivated juniors and seniors can earn college credit through Albright College and Total Experience Learning. Participating students can earn college credits while still in high school and experience a collegiate environment on campus. Dual Enrollment students that complete two years in the program will have one full semester at Albright College completed for just $2,500 (equaling 5 units or 20 credits.). This program includes 1 traditional course on Albright’s campus and one Total Experience Learning research course per semester. Learn more about Dual Enrollment.

Program Cost:
$625/Semester, equivalent to 1.25 course units at Albright College and most other institutions

Application Deadline:

Aug. 1 for Fall courses (Accepts announced by Aug. 15)Jan. 1 for Spring courses (Accepts announced by Jan. 15)
June 1 for Summer courses (Accepts announced by June 15)

Fall and SpringWinter Interim

Summer Program (Grades 5–12)

Students who participate in this 5-week, experiential program get hands-on experience with world-class equipment, participate in hands-on seminars, and explore existing—or new—passions with their expert facilitators. Students are given the ability to choose from hundreds of seminars and workshops throughout their five weeks, and may participate in heavy science, welding, theater, art, music, humanities, culinary arts, e-sports, fashion or nearly any interest area. Our summer sessions run from 9 a.m.–2:15 p.m. and are open to students entering fifth to twelfth grade.

Learn more about the 2024 Summer Program.

Enrollment for Summer 2024 is open now!


Possible Areas of Exploration

  • 3D Printing and Bioprinting
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AR/VR Design
  • Biotechnology
  • Business and Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental and Watershed Science
  • Fashion/Design
  • Genetics
  • Materials Science
  • Medical Science
  • Mural Painting and Design
  • Music Production
  • Sports Physiology
  • Theater/Performing Arts

Enrollment: Early February 2024

STEAM Workshops

Throughout the year, Total Experience Learning hosts a variety of STEAM and discovery workshops. From outdoor discovery in the Schuylkill Watershed to theatrical training sessions and audition preparation, to onsite AR/VR workshops, students can sign up for a variety of learning experiences that spark their curiosity and interest. Program times and offerings vary.

Program Cost: Workshop specific

Enrollment: Opportunities for workshops will be posted when available.

Check back for updated schedule

Featured Students

Name: Noah Gibney
picture of Noah Gibney
Class Year: 2025
School: Wyomissing

Noah Gibney, a student from Wyomissing Area Jr/Sr High School, has always had a passion for music, but his experiences with TExpL amplified that love.

“Whenever I perform, the best thing to see is an engaged audience. Whether it’s singing, dancing, or clapping along, it always shows how my music impacts the listeners, which in turn, impacts me.”

Problem Solving:

Noah dreamed of creating original music and releasing a full-studio record to advance a music career. Creative by nature, Noah understood the value and impact music has on the world—changing attitudes, ideas, and beliefs.

Noah created a 6-song EP of original songs titled “The Serendipity Sessions” from inception to release. This included writing, recording, mixing, releasing, and marketing his product.

Support from TExpL:

Through his work in the music industry studies track, Noah gained access to professional recording equipment and tools, as well as guidance and advice from facilitators Mike D’Errico and AJ Merlino.

The Results:

Noah received several honors, including awards from the Reading Musical Foundation Accompaniment Award and Junior National Honors Society. Noah also had the opportunity to collaborate with Grammy-nominated artist, G. Love, on “The Serendipity Sessions.”

As a part of his efforts to market and spread the word about his EP, Noah reached out to President Joe Biden, telling him about the project—though he never expected a response. However, Noah received a phone call a few weeks later from an unknown caller in DC, who turned out to be the president’s secretary, stating: “The president heard your album and would like to have me come to meet him at one of his speeches!”

Noah did indeed end up meeting with the president, resulting in a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience for him and his family.

Name: Nikita Patel
picture of Nikita Patel
Class Year: 2022
School: Wilson High School

Nikita, a former student at Wilson High School is passionate about biology and healthcare. Nikita realized that there is a need to revise drug delivery methods.

“My invention provides a comfortable form of chemotherapy, personalized prescription patches, and an easy form of application for people with Alzheimer’s disease.”

Problem Solving:

Needleless Drug Delivery, a term coined by Nikita, is a modified, unique drug delivery system. Her system is comprised of a band-aid-like unit featuring a concealed membrane that houses several microscopic sphere-like capsules that penetrate the skin to deliver medicine in specific dosages over time.

The capsules are preferably comprised of a bio-active glass, in which each capsule varies in thickness to allow different dosages of medicine to penetrate the bloodstream of the user through their skin over time. Each capsule holds a specific type of medication, and each of the capsules has a different thickness (30 different thicknesses).

After all the capsules are done penetrating through the skin, they become present in the bloodstream. After one day the thinnest capsule will dissolve allowing one day’s worth of the drug present in the bloodstream, then after two days the next thickest will dissolve, and the process will go like this for 30 days.

After wearing the patch for 8 hours, users will have 30 days’ worth of medication penetrated through the skin, and that medication will slowly be released from each of the capsules as the days go on. Exact specifications may vary upon further development and manufacturing.

Support from TExpL:

Nikita was introduced to the Bio-active glass material and supplied all the equipment she needed for her project. TExpL founder, Adelle Schade, served as Nikita’s mentor, providing guidance and facilitating support as needed.

The Results:

Nikita was able to get a provisional patent for her invention and is in the process of presenting her ideas to pharmaceutical companies. She was also awarded an opportunity to talk to U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan about her project.

Name: Heriel J. Ramirez Rodriguez
picture of Heriel J. Ramirez Rodriguez
Class Year: 2027
School: Berks Catholic High School

Heriel J Ramirez Rodriguez, a student from Berks Catholic High School is passionate about the environment and sustainability. The concept of this project came from Heriel’s concern about the effects of global warming on the earth and his community.

“The horrible effects of global warming on Earth have inspired me to help.”

Problem Solving:

Heriel’s identification of the issues with environmental sustainability were less of a challenge than developing a solution. After realizing that nearly 1/5th of all US emissions were coming from cars, Heriel fixed his innovative mind on the automotive industry.

“If successful, my project would make an enormous impact on not only my community but many others because it would cut down on car emissions.”

Heriel’s project involves creating a car emissions filter that would be installed on the vehicle’s tailpipe. Since CO2 emissions typically constitute 99% of tailpipe emissions, Heriel saw this as the perfect place to start.

Support from TExpL:

TExpL will play an integral role in providing Heriel with the equipment and professional guidance he needs to take his project from concept to implementation.

The Results:

Heriel has already received some attention and interest in his project. He was provided the opportunity to speak at a Reading Education Foundation event about his vision.

Most recently, Heriel has been looking into algae and how to overcome the challenge of the extreme heat that is expelled from a car’s tailpipe. Bringing these organisms into the lab, Heriel will be completing heat studies next.

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