Educator Programs

Total Experience Learning provides educators with an opportunity to obtain credited and non-credit professional learning experiences. We offer an innovative professional development division for teachers and school administrators. Former K–12 educators with a rich knowledge of the education system help develop a unique curriculum. We are focused on the professional and personal success of each educator in each step of the program or certification.

The newly approved School of Educational Innovation was developed with the teacher shortage and retention issues in mind. This school will leverage TExpL in each program to provide teachers with the option to obtain master’s in education degrees and certifications in several categories.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Certificate Program

Successful participants in the certificate program have the option to move seamlessly into a master’s of innovation and entrepreneurship in education and to join the Total Experience Learning team of facilitators and instructors.

EDU660 — Innovation and Entrepreneurial Concepts in K–12 Education

This course is designed to teach participants the Total Experience Learning method of education. This method of instruction provides personalized inventive and experience-based learning for students.

EDU661 — Inventive Project Management and Development Techniques in K–12 Education

This course is designed to teach the participant advanced project management and development skills to optimize a Total Experience Learning environment.

EDU662 — The Tools of Total Experience Learning in K–12 Education

This course is designed to teach participants how to implement productive and viable industry-relevant tools in the Total Experience Learning method classroom.

EDU663 — Total Experience Learning Field Experience

This course is designed to fully immerse participants in an active Total Experience Learning environment.

Masters of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Certificate Program

Educators may apply for a certificate in educational innovation and entrepreneurship by compiling our four graduate courses. These courses may transfer into a full MS/MA in The School of Educational Innovation at Albright College. Albright College graduate faculty provide a myriad of support services throughout the program’s duration.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Oxford University

Total Experience Learning at Albright College has forged a partnership with one of the world’s leading higher education institutions—Oxford University. In this unique study abroad experience, educators immerse themselves in a student-driven, revolutionary education model. This experience sparks creativity and innovative thought. Led by TExpL experts and Oxford University professors, participants in this week-long cultural and immersive course gain insights into education.

Educator Sanctuaries

We recognize that teachers are operating under difficult circumstances. The Educator sanctuary carves out a haven for educators and teachers from all backgrounds and disciplines to build community and connection. Educator Sanctuary sessions include time for formal guidance and mentorship, engaging activities, self-care practices, and supportive conversations.

All sessions are held in the SPS Suite of Roessner Hall, from 3:30–6:30 p.m. Please keep an eye out for emails with dates and events.


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