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Headquartered at Albright College, in Reading, Pennsylvania, TExpL currently employs 25 full and part-time staff members and over 40 college interns. Our center is home to a variety of learning labs available to our students and educators, including: 3-D printing, cell culture, histology, PCR, micro-organisms, photomicrography and a public art studio, with a soon-to-be added e-sports lab. Our facilities are available for community use upon request.

1041 Rockland St.
Reading Pa, 19604

Our reach extends far beyond our physical center — TExpL-certified educators are integrating our methodology in classrooms across Berks County. In 2024, we will reach beyond the Berks County borders, with partnerships in surrounding counties and across the United States.

About Our Founder

Adelle Schade, Ph.D., founder of Total Experience Learning, is the Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Chief Strategy Officer of Albright College, Reading, Pa. Prior to Albright College, Adelle was a science teacher at Conrad Weiser High School, Robesonia, PA for 25 years.

Adelle earned a Bachelor of Science from West Chester University. In 2006, she earned a Master of Education degree from Kutztown University in Biology Education. In 2015, she earned a Master of Science degree in Clinical Microbiology from the Jefferson Graduate School of Biomedical Science, Philadelphia, Pa. Adelle most recently earned her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pa. Additionally, she holds an appointment as an Adjunct Instructor of Pediatrics in the Penn State College of Medicine.

Total Experience Learning Staff

Ellen Albright
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Melissa Azzarello
Graduate Teaching Administrator
Dana Banks
Brand Strategist for Pre-College and Summer Programs
Julia Becker
Assistant Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs
Meredith Carrier
K-12 Teaching Administrator
Karen DeNunzio
Director of Learning & Innovation
Theresa Diaz
Coordiantor of the 13th Street Educational Partnership
E. Wayne Foley, Ed.D.
K-12 Teaching Administrator, Pre-College and Summer Programs
Kayla Gordon
Director of Pre-College and Summer Programs
Amy Greene
TExpL K-12 student programming administrator
Landon Heimbach
Admin Specialist
Sarah Hosler
K-12 Teaching Administrator
Janemarie McKay
Graduate Teaching Administrator
William McKay
Director of Project Development, Precollege and Summer Programs
Michael Miller
Thomas Ruth
Education Strategy Advisor
Adelle Schade, Ph.D.
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Chief Strategy Officer
Ann Schmidt
Graduate Teaching Administrator
Tanner Schnovel
Coordinator of Pre-College & Summer Programs

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