Total Experience Learning ® (TExpL) at Albright College is an award-winning methodology that encourages interdisciplinary learning through student-led experiences. We provide an authentic, hands-on approach resulting in measurable personal success.

We guide educators in our solutions-driven TExpL philosophies. Teachers are empowered to implement project-management techniques in their classrooms and personalize their teaching practices. We provide unparalleled quality in our programs. Learn about our staff and facility location.


Learners and educators move through our programs, acquiring skills that can be applied professionally and personally. Total Experience Learning ignites the entrepreneurial spirit, and creates solution-focused mindsets, while also refining research skills, literacy, communications skills and complex problem solving. We also supply a supportive environment for all learners to work towards their future goals. Pick your path below.

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“With TExpL, my students became challenged researchers, critical thinkers, determined writers and confident presenters—all while solving real-world problems. They felt empowered to learn about topics that not only supported themes from our literature but also connected to their lives and world. When the students reflected upon their projects, I was most impressed by the sense of pride expressed from my highest achievers to my most struggling readers. TExpL is a style of learning that ALL children should be able to experience.”
Lindsay Rada, Wyomissing Area School District
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