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POP Leaders at Albright


What is a POP?

A POP is a Peer Orientation Person, tasked with guiding a group of First Year students through summer on-boarding, Welcome Weekend, and throughout their first year on campus.  Each FY student has 2 POP mentors that lead their group and are essential resources to help all students transition to Albright and find their home within our community.


Who leads the POPs?

All POPs are hired, trained, and guided by the Steering Committee which is made up of 8 Student Leaders, and the office of OSIL.  Meet this year’s 2022 SC…

From Left to Right:

Arpit Gainder, Class of 2023

Maddy Wagner, Class of 2023

Greyson Curran, Class of 2023

Sierra Chandler, Class of 2024

Jada Weedon, Class of 2023

Kara Robnson, Class of 2023

Abigail Platero, Class of 2023

Shelby Wathen, Class of 2024


What is Expected of the POPs?

POPs are expected to participate in a Spring 2022 training event, attend the Summer Foundations Days to meet their group members, attend August 2022 POP training days, and lead Welcome Weekend.  Their charge is to hone their mentorship skills to better assist all incoming students in their transition to Albright. POPs are expected to maintain their mentorship role throughout their mentees first full year.


Who can be a POP?

You can apply to be a POP if you are a rising Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in good judicial standing with the school, and with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Applications will open for the 2023-2024 academic year in January 2023.