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Albright students get published
Seventeen Albright students and faculty penned 35 “Best of Berks” profiles for Berks County Living magazine’s December 2022 issue. According to Editor Nikki Murray, the Best of Berks edition is the publication’s most anticipated issue each year. Albright English Instructor Marian Wolbers coordinated, edited and penned pieces for the feature. Best of Berks 2022 winners, nominated by community members and voted on by thousands of readers, include Beer Wall on Penn, owned by Josue Matos ’19, From the Heart Consignment owned by Katherine Scheese ’85 and lifetime achievement winner, Bella Jules Fashion Boutique — owned by Julianne Cleaver ’01 and recognized by Berks County Living readers 10 or more times. Tamara Fisher ’09 and Ralia Vardaxis ’87 were part of the five-member founding team of the Next — a new yoga collaborative in West Reading named the Best Yoga Spot.

McBride pens magazine article
Following novel research into the effects of the 2019-2020 Australian wildfires on the ozone layer, Laura McBride, Ph.D., assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and Ross Salawitch, Ph.D., (University of Maryland) co-authored a Science Perspective article, “Australian wildfires depleted the ozone layer,” released Nov. 24 in Science magazine. Science Perspectives are peer reviewed, solicited articles. “Understanding the effect of the wildfires on stratospheric ozone is at an early stage. This article explores the various mechanisms initiated by the wildfires that thinned the ozone layer, and suggests several methods to analyze the contribution of dynamic and chemical mechanisms to the reduction in stratospheric ozone.”

Exploring modern antisemitism
Led by presenter Ira Forman, the 42nd annual Leo Camp memorial lecture at Albright explored rising antisemitism and what is at stake for Jewish communities around the world — in the wake of public anti-semitic remarks by Kanye West on social media and in interviews, the suspension of basketball star Kyrie Irving and threats to New Jersey synagogues.

Koosed pens biblical literature on Judith
Professor of Religious Studies, Jennifer L. Koosed, Ph.D., has co-authored a new Judith volume in the Liturgical Press “Wisdom Commentary” series with Robert Paul Seesengood, Ph.D., (Drew Theological School). The 60-volume “Wisdom Commentary” series offers detailed feminist interpretation of every book of the Bible.
As biblical literature excluded from Hebrew and Protestant biblical canons, but accepted in the Roman Catholic canon and included in the Septuagint (Greek version of the Hebrew Bible), the book of Judith tells the story of a beautiful Jewish widow who — under the pretense of bringing information that would ensure Assyrian victory — is invited into General Holofernes’ tent and kills him in his drunken sleep. A Jewish victory over the leaderless Assyrian forces followed. The new volume offers a comprehensive examination of gender ideologies in the book of Judith, from the hyper-masculine machinations of war and empire to the dynamics of class in Judith’s relationship with her enslaved handmaid. Overall, the new commentary investigates “Judith” through a feminist lens, informed by critical masculinity studies, queer theory and reception criticism.

Innovation leads to Medical Laboratory program acceptance
Two Albright seniors, Leah Strausser and Drew MacDonald have been accepted into Tower Health’s 11-month Medical Laboratory Science program at the Reading Hospital School of Medical Laboratory Science. They will begin training after graduating from Albright this spring. Working as a research student with Adam Hersperger, Ph.D., associate professor of biology, Strausser, an Albright Founders Scholar studying molecular psychobiology, is taking part in ongoing investigation by Albright undergraduates into the role of ectromelia growth factor in the ectromelia (mousepox) virus. At the same time, she is delving into an evolutionary psychology concept called mate value with her senior thesis advisor, Susan Hughes, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director of evolutionary studies. At least a quarter of every Albright College course is dedicated to producing and implementing innovative ideas, often to solve societal challenges.

New: Master of Science in Business degree
Albright College’s School of Professional Studies now offers an online Master of Science degree in Business. Able to be completed in one year, the cutting-edge program is designed to empower busy working adults with the skills and expertise to succeed — professionally and personally. Albright’s Master of Science in Business degree coursework was created using global business data to determine the most valued, vital skills for the modern workplace. Learning focuses on innovation and strategy, and incorporates student-chosen concentrations in accounting, data analytics, digital marketing, inclusive and ethical leadership, and entertainment management.

Business of Fashion
A day-long campus event featured industry professionals discussing current fashion business trends and offering advice to Albright students. Speakers included: Angela Duen, production and design manager at Stitch Fix; Juli Cleaver ’21, owner, Bella Jules Fashion Boutique; Jenna Hunter ’22, visual merchandiser, Nordstroms; Stephanie Franchetti ’09, vice president and merchandise manager, Burlington Stores; Kailee Robinson ’22, owner, founder, Coquette Boudoir; Kimberly McGlonn, Ph.D., founder and CEO, Grant Blvd; Bill Exaros ’91, director of store experience, Moose Knuckles; Nicole Anton ’19, senior pattern maker, A Wish Come True. A panel on sustainability in the fashion industry with McGlonn and Eleanor Turner (founder of the re-established brand, The Big Favorite) was moderated by Elizabeth Quinn, assistant professor of design.

U.S. News ranks Albright #14 in nation
Albright has been named a Top National Liberal Arts College Performer on Social Mobility via the U.S. News and World Report’s newly released 2023 rankings, listed #14 nationally. Albright is also ranked as a Top National Liberal Arts College by the publication, which assessed 1,500 U.S. bachelor’s degree-granting institutions on 17 measures of academic quality. The U.S. News Social Mobility ranking recognizes national colleges that are more successful than others at enrolling and seeing economically disadvantaged students through to graduation. Albright has appeared on the list each year since the measure launched in 2020. This indicator specifically measures how well schools graduated students who received federal Pell Grants. Students receiving Pell grants typically come from households whose family incomes are less than $50,000 annually, with most money going to students with total family incomes below $20,000. Recognizing that almost half of Albright students are the first in their family to attend college and a significant number are Pell recipients, the college continues to advance offerings in support of students who face academic and social challenges. Proactive student-centered infrastructure, like the Lifting up Lions initiative, combined with team advising initiatives like Lions’ Edge, and faculty development programs aim to strengthen teaching, learning and innovation at the college.

Albright College ranks for fashion design has ranked Albright College #27 on its list of Top 50 Fashion Design Schools and #18 on its Top 20 Private Fashion Design Schools list for 2022. ranking factors include admission data, graduation success, reputation and “an extensive proprietary survey conducted with school and industry stakeholders.”

Political Discourse in America
Taking place only weeks before general Election Day, Albright’s 2022 Spancake Lecture on Political Discourse in America featured a discussion on political free speech with Katy Harriger, Ph.D., professor of political science at Wake Forest University. Harriger is a co-author of “Speaking of Politics: Preparing College Students for Democratic Citizenship through Deliberative Dialogue” (2007) and “The Long-Term Impact of Learning to Deliberate” (2016).

NEW: Legal studies co-major
Students pursuing Albright’s new interdisciplinary legal studies co-major will learn how law shapes and is shaped by politics, economics and culture. Required political science and philosophy courses are complemented by optional business and music industry courses. The expanded program serves as academic preparation for law school and complements Albright College’s pre-law program. Nearly half of Albright students take advantage of Albright’s distinctive co-major programs, which enable students to cross or combine different programs, without taking longer
to graduate.