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Success Despite Adversity

Featured in the Morning Call on graduation weekend, Jacob Albright Scholar Bria Stapleton talked about what it was like to complete a 45-page senior thesis in a hotel following a family house fire.

“As she looked back on her time as an undergraduate, Stapleton spoke about her studies, her work on campus as an accounting tutor, an internship she completed, being a member of the cheer team and how, in September, she was crowned homecoming queen — all the good experiences on which she’s choosing to focus, instead of on the fire.”

Having earned an Albright bachelor’s degree in fashion design and merchandising, Stapleton has been accepted to study for a master’s degree in retail merchandising at Drexel University.

“I think she’ll be successful wherever she goes,” said fashion instructor MeeAe Oh-Ranck.

Success Despite Adversity

After her son’s near miss with a major medical issue, Erika Hollinger ’22 knew what she needed to do. She enrolled in Albright College to begin her path toward a medical degree.

“It could have been us. I had to do something with that. I decided right then I’m going back to school. I’m going to be a doctor. It wasn’t even really a choice, maybe it was a calling,” said Hollinger.

Student Serving the Underserved

Moving to the United States from the Dominican Republic at the age of 10, Rosaly Diaz De La Rosa didn’t yet speak any English. But her vision of helping people propelled her to work hard through middle and high school. Continuing her work ethic as a molecular psychobiology major at Albright College, Diaz has been accepted into the Early Assurance Program at Penn State College of Medicine – Hershey, as an Albright junior. Read her story.

Chief Judge Speaks to the Class of 2022

Roger L. Gregory, chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, was awarded an honorary doctorate and offered remarks at Albright College’s 162nd Commencement ceremony at Santander Arena this May. Judge Gregory is the first African American to sit on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and the only person in the nation’s history to be appointed to a federal appellate court by two presidents of different political parties (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush).

Black Inventors Challenge Norms

Kicking off the “Black Inventors Got Game” nationwide tour, eight Black inventors spoke and networked with Albright College and Albright Science Research Institute students on campus during Black History Month last February.

The tour was organized by James Howard, holder of 19 patents and designer of more than 400 products for companies such as Crayola and Johnson & Johnson.

“Failure is just another way to make an adjustment,” said LaMont Morris, creator of the Real Meal Easy Bake Oven.

Miranda Family Fellowships

Albright seniors Aly Tu and Katsuto Sakogashira have been selected to participate in the prestigious Miranda Family Fellowship program in 2022. The program offers early career mentoring and generous financial support to young theater artists of color to assist them in a successful transition from training to early careers. The fellowship includes guidance from Lin Manuel Miranda’s professional development network.