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Empowering Albright Voices

Celebrating the remarkable diversity of Albright’s many voices, a second Empowering Albright Voices day was held Oct. 14. Events held throughout the day also celebrated the intersectionality of those voices by exploring how similar and dissimilar ideas and people can interact to create something novel and powerful.

Empowering Albright Voices (EAV) day is part of the college’s ongoing work of building an equitable and fully participating campus community, in which each community member achieves their full potential and contributes to the flourishing of others. EAV days will be held each spring and fall, with the next event slated for March 4.

Wall Street Journal National Ranking

Named a Top National College by the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education (WSJ/Times), Albright is one of only 796 college and universities to be nationally ranked for 2022. Albright also ranks 141 out of 258 on the WSJ/Times 2022 Northeast region list.

Based on 15 performance indicators, the WSJ/Times ranking uses data from sources that include the U.S. government (IPEDS), the College Scorecard, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Elsevier bibliometric dataset, and the WSJ/Times’s own student and academic surveys. Methodology focuses on four key pillars. Forty percent of the overall score is based on student outcomes, 30% on college resources, 20% on student engagement and 10% on the college’s learning environment.

Jake’s Fully Renovated

Completely renovated this summer, Jake’s Place now offers four new restaurants, student service offices and lounge — complete with new seating and pool tables. Original wood from the bowling alley has been refurbished into new workspace tables.

The renovation brings new life to the McMillian Student Center’s lower level by adding renovated student leader spaces, student organization offices and workspaces, and a makerspace for creative efforts and group support, in addition to the offices of Multicultural Affairs, the Center for Community Service and Engagement and Title IX services.

Jake’s four new restaurants are available on GrubHub, offering a wide variety of student favorites, healthy choices and grab-and-go options for Lions on the go:

Grille Works. Focused on the cornerstone of any grill menu, burgers, fries and cheesesteaks comprise some popular meals, prepared with passion.

The Spread. For diners interested in a bold, fierce, “wicked good” eating experience, the Spread’s chef-inspired signature subs are infused with epic house-made spreads, toasted to perfection.

Tender, Love & Chicken. Our chef’s devotion to chicken, and a dash of love, help to craft the best hand-breaded chicken tenders available.

Greens 2 Go. Featuring Lancaster farm fresh produce, Greens 2 Go offers classic, signature and create-your-own salads. Bread, fruit and soup options are also made with fresh ingredients from the Lancaster Farm Fresh co-op.

Faculty/Student Team Publishes Findings

Completing a multi-year research project alongside four undergraduate students, Albright Associate Professor of Biology Adam Hersperger, Ph.D., published a scholarly paper on epidermal growth factors of poxviruses in Virology.

The work of Hersperger and students Kaylyn Haan ’19 (now enrolled in Royal Veterinary College, University of London), Rebecca Morgis ’19 (now a medical student at Penn State Hershey School of Medicine), Julie Schrey ’21 (now a research laboratory technician) and Rose Zimmerman ’19 was funded by the Albright Creative Research Experience program and funds budgeted to the Biology Department.

Through cultured cell research and the use of fluorescence microscopy, the Hersperger team demonstrated that ectromelia growth factor can act as a bona fide growth factor — stimulating cell migration and wound healing.

“This information may prove to be of clinical relevance since much attention has been paid on increasing the rate and efficiency of wound healing in patients,” said Hersperger. “For example, hydrogels laced with various growth factors are being studied for the treatment of cutaneous wounds.”