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Industrial hemp

Industrial Hemp, once grown extensively throughout Pennsylvania, was declassified through the 2018 Farm Bill after a nearly 80 year hiatus. Announced in January, Albright College was one of the first organizations awarded a state Department of Agriculture permit to research and grow industrial hemp in 2019. The college’s exclusive grower and processor is Wyndridge Farm, located in Dallastown, Pa., a family-owned company led by physician and alumnus, Steve Groff, M.D. ’87. Farming and research begins this spring.

“This very exclusive permit creates unique opportunities for Albright students and faculty to participate in data-driven research on the growth, development and marketing of industrial hemp products,” said President Fetrow. “We expect the endeavor to provide internship and employment opportunities in a revolutionary industry. Albright students will gain real time experience of an industry roll out.”

“There is a lot of passion in trying to do things the right way,” said Groff. “There are a lot of unknowns about the health and wellness benefits of  cannabinoids, so we need to show integrity in expressing what we do and don’t know, in order to raise the bar on research and education in this rapidly evolving area. There are thousands of uses for industrial hemp. Part of the need for Pennsylvania is to determine which to focus on first.”

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It's a squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis

Did you know that Eastern Gray Squirrels don’t just eat your leftover pizza? They were originally introduced to Albright’s campus in 1926, to control an overabundance of nuts.

4th Annual Albright Challenge
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Thank you for participating in the #AlbrightChallenge. Your gift supports The Fund for Albright, classroom innovation and technology, scholarships and financial aid and The Albright Fund for Academic Excellence and Innovation.

Friends of Albright

Camp Building, LLC

The Friends of Albright gathered together after signing the Camp Building over to Albright College in December. The building is now home to facilities, administrative and financial services, advancement and communications.

Raisin in the Sun

photo of cast members

Raisin in the Sun | 38 Cast and crew members | 3 Wachovia Theatre performances | 2 Kennedy Center performances | 1 unforgettable experience

L to R: Miranda Holliday ’20, Lucas Daniels ’22, Taylor Grayson ’20, Tyler Chaffins ’22, Erick Slowe Goldsmith ’20, Jaquan “Jay” Harley ’22, Jahbari Allsop-Marsham (sixth-grader at Reading Junior Academy), Bence Veres ’21, Sania Fontaine ’20, Jazer Willis ’22.