Spring Break Closing | Albright College

Spring Break Closing

When are the residence halls closing?

Residence Halls close will close for students that are not remaining on campus. For students that decide to leave, they will reopen Sunday, March 22nd, at 9AM.


What if I am not able to leave campus?

All residential students are eligible to remain on campus over Spring Break if needed. If you need to stay at any point over the break please complete the Spring Break Stay Request form. This form must be submitted by 12:00 PM on Friday, March 13th. Requests submitted after that time will not be approved. Requests will be processed the afternoon of Friday, March 13th, please check your email for updates. A fee will not apply so long as a form is received by the deadline. Please speak with someone in the Office of Residential Life for more information or if you have any questions regarding closing and break stays.


How should I prepare my room for closing?

Because it is a break closing, Residential Life only asks that students complete the following for Spring Break closing: removal of all trash and recycling, removal of all items from/away from the heaters (need 1-ft clearance), removal of all personal items from the floor, closing and locking of all windows, unplugging all electrical appliances with the exception of the microwave/fridge, turning off all lights, locking the door. In addition, think about what you would need if you were notified that you were exposed to COVID-19 and your ability to travel, on or off campus, became restricted. We encourage you to take your books, academic materials, and laptops with you.

The Residential Life Staff will check each room upon your check out!


How will the Residential Life staff know that I have left for the break?

When you are ready to leave for break, you should fill out the Spring Break Closing checklist and slide it under your RA’s door to let us know that you have gone home for break! Each resident must fill out their own closing checklist.


Still have questions?

Your RAs will be holding Community Meetings to discuss the Spring Break closing with you, so stay tuned for more information! If you are not able to attend the meeting, it is your responsibility to gather any information missed and to obtain a closing checklist from your RA.