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Residence Halls

The Quad

The “Quad” residence halls (Crowell, Krause, Walton, and Smith Halls) are a special living community for first-year students. These living-learning communities offer dynamic, focused programming and events to assist students with transition to Albright College and campus living.

Honors Housing

Students who are invited into the honors program and/or are scholar award recipients have a unique living option in Mohn Hall, a residence designated for honors students.  Resident Assistants (RAs), located on each floor, act as resources and sponsor some programming geared toward academic excellence.  RAs will also look for ways to integrate academics and cultures by engaging residents in mentor initiatives and other programming efforts.  Mohn Hall offers computer rooms and study lounges on the upper three floors. Upper-class honors students receive preference in this residence hall, but limited spaces are held for new students interested in this option.

North Hall

North Hall houses upper-class students, mainly sophomores and juniors, who are able to select this living option during the housing selection process in the spring.  Each pod has a restroom area (3 showers, 3 toilets, 3 sinks) with washer/dryer unit.  RAs are housed on the second floor of each pod.

Albright Woods Apartments

The Albright Woods apartments house upper-class students who must select this group living option during the housing selection process in the spring. Each apartment consists of a bathroom, living room area, storage closet, and a full kitchen complete with a refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. Each apartment is also fully furnished with standard campus furniture. All apartments either have a balcony or porch.  RAs are housed in 5 of the 39 apartments.

Affinity Houses

Affinity Houses provide an independent living option for upper-class students to thoughtfully engage each other and the Albright community in a shared interest, philosophy, academic program, or student organization. This student-led living option encourages a cooperative living environment and provides unique programs for students.

Albright College currently owns and operates eight affinity houses. The houses hold 41 students, with the smallest house having three students and the largest having six. For the 2017-2018 academic year, Affinity Houses included the following themes:

The Publication House
Historian Home
Christian Fellowship
The “Hub” for Holistic Wellness
Arts and Theatre
Gamers’ Guild
Sustainability House
Music Appreciation

Rockland Hall

Rockland Hall is a suite-style living environment for Albright College juniors and seniors. This residential area has 52 gender inclusive suites, each consisting of a spacious common room area, a full-size kitchen, and various room sizes. Four, five, and six bed suites have two full bathrooms, and three bed suites have one full bathroom. Individual bedrooms consist of one bed, two beds, or 3 beds. Each suite includes a flat-screen television with Dish network. Suites are separately vented and are all connected to Wifi. Free laundry facilities are located on each floor and can be accessed at all times. Students who live in Rockland Hall are permitted to park on-site and Public Safety provides security of the area. Rockland Hall has secured access, with required ID swipes at both the main entrance and elevators, and additional security for individual suites and bedrooms.

Suites are accessible to residents during break periods. In an effort to provide a creative and unique atmosphere for all Albright students, retail development is in progress on the first floor of Rockland Hall.

Rockland Hall Bedroom Dimensions

  • 6 bed/large 4 bed (triple or large double)- 12’ W by 27’ D
  • 4 bed
    • (double)- 12’ W x 17’ D
    • (single)- 8’6” W by 12’ D
  • 5 bed
    • (single)- 8’6” W x 12’ 8” D
    • (double1)- 12’2” W x 17’4” D
    • (double2)- 12’7” W x 20’2” D
  • 3 bed
    • (single)- 8’10” W x 12’6” D
    • (double)-12’ W x 17’4” D


Three Bedroom Suite

Four Bedroom Suite: Option A | Option B | Option C | Option D

Five Bedroom Suite

Six Bedroom Suite

How Big Are the Rooms and What’s Included?

Rooms are generally 12′ x 12.’ Rugs should be 10′ x 10′ to fit comfortably. Rooms are furnished with desks, desk chairs, beds, dressers and closets. All rooms have blinds. Students may bring their own curtains. Beds are oversized twins. You should purchase twin extra-long sheets.  All rooms are equipped with a micro-fridge.

Basic cable television and WIRELESS internet services are available in each room upon your arrival to campus.  Students are responsible for providing their own television and TV cable cord.  All residence hall rooms on campus have air conditioning, and all residence halls provide FREE laundry facilities to resident students.







ALBRIGHT COURT (please click the link to the left to view room dimensions for Albright Court)
ALBRIGHT WOODS (please click the link to the left to view room dimensions for Albright Woods)
CROWELL HALL 11’10″d x 12’0″w 44″w x 64″h 8’6″ 50″ 29″
KRAUSE HALL 11’9″d x 12’0″w 44″w x 64″h 44″w x 35″h (lower level) 9’2″ 8’6″ (lower level) 50″ 29″
MOHN HALL (DOUBLE) 13’5″d x 11’3″w 48.5″w x 55″h 8’0″ 46″ 29″
MOHN HALL (SINGLE) 6’3″d x 10’6″w 40″w x 55″h 8’0″ 40″ 29″
NORTH HALL 12’0″d x 11’5″w 56″w x 61″h 9’4″ 43″ 33″
SMITH HALL 11’10″d x 12’0″w 44″w x 64″h 8’6″ 50″ 29″
WALTON HALL 11’10″d x 12’0″w 44″w x 64″h 8’6″ 50″ 29″


Albright Property Insurance

Albright College is not liable for damages to or losses of the student’s personal property, or the property of others in the possession of the student, resulting from loss, fire, flood, theft, vandalism and other causes.  First check with your parents’ homeowners policy to see if your belongings are covered.  If not, you may want to contact National Student Services, Inc. (NSSI) to apply for a student personal property plan.  You may complete the application on line at

Public Safety and Security

There is 24-hour security on campus. Residence halls are always locked. Students are issued swipe cards when they arrive.  Each student also receives either a key or combination for the assigned room. There emergency telephones at each residence hall entrance so residents can call the Department of Public Safety. All residence hall doors also have door alarms to prevent doors from being propped open. Residential Life staff and Public Safety Officers also make regular rounds in the residence halls for safety and security purposes.