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Returning Student Housing Policy FAQs

What if I already live off-campus? Do I need to come back to campus?

All students will need to complete the housing form regardless of current residency status. If you would like to petition to live off-campus for the Fall 2018-Spring 2019 academic year, you will need to complete the residency petition process, which will be available the week of March 19th. All residency petitions will be fully reviewed and considered.

What if I already completed a residency petition and it was approved?

All residency petitions must be completed annually. Residency petitions are approved for specified academic terms only. Even though you may be living off-campus currently, you must complete another residency petition for approval of off-campus living. Please see response to question 1 for more information.

What if I already signed a lease agreement for off-campus living for the 2017-2018 Academic Year?

Please see responses to questions 1 and 2. Residency petitions are reviewed on an annual basis. You should only sign a lease after receiving approval to live off-campus for the following academic year.

What if I want to live with my older sibling who lives within the 30-mile radius of campus?

You would need to complete the residency petition and explain your personal circumstances. If your petition was approved, you would need to provide appropriate supporting documentation to be granted off-campus residency.

What if I do not meet one of the requirements to live off-campus (my cumulative GPA is too low or I have a Community Standards Violation) but still meet some of the optional criteria?

We would encourage you to complete the residency petition. However, dependent on the circumstances your residency petition may be denied or, if approved, specific actions plans may be set in-place.

What if my family (and my permanent address) move outside of the 30-mile radius mid-year? Will I be asked to move back onto campus?

You are required to keep the College apprised of any changes in permanent residency—significant changes may affect eligibility to live off-campus. Please contact the Office of Residential Life if this is a circumstance that is affecting you.

What happens if I do not complete the housing form or residency petition?

You will be unable to register for courses until you complete the housing form. Please read the 4-year residency policy closely.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with a serious health condition and do not believe that the residence halls are the appropriate place for me to be living. May I petition to live off-campus?

You must complete the residency petition. The Office of Residential Life will work closely with the Gable Health and Counseling Center to determine best course of action for you as a student.

Where can I find the residency petition?

The residency petition can be found by logging in to the MyHousing student portal. You must complete your housing form before completing the residency petition.

Incoming Student FAQs

What types of items are not permitted on campus?

Items such as multi-bulb lamps exceeding 3 bulbs, halogen lamps, space heaters, candles and any other items with an open flame that may be a fire hazard are not permitted on campus. Please note that this list is not inclusive. Please refer to the Community Living Guide for more details.

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?

Once you move into the residence halls, students will not be allowed to make room changes for the first two weeks. This is called a “room freeze period”. Students are encouraged to work things out with their roommate. After the first two weeks of each semester, if the roommates cannot seem to reach a solution, they can either have a member of the housing staff hold a mediation, or they should complete a Room Change Request form on aLink. Room changes will be honored based on availability and the date of the completed room change request form. However, room change requests will not be accommodated after Fall Break in the fall semester and Spring Break in the spring semester.

Is there cable in the room?

Yes, each room comes with a basic Comcast cable connection that is already included in your fees. This connection does not have the premium movie channels such as HBO, Starz, etc.  You should bring a TV and TV cable cord for your room.

Do students bring their own computers to campus?

Although there are various computer centers on campus available for student usage, many students will bring their own personal computers and laptops to campus. All residence hall locations will have wireless service to connect to the Internet.

What is an RA?

RA is an acronym for Resident Assistant. An RA is here to tend to residents’ needs. They are highly trained in the following areas:  safety, campus resources, programming, promoting a welcoming environment, and implementing the policies set forth by the College. There is an RA on duty each night. It is the RA’s job to do rounds throughout the evening in order to make sure there are no problems within the residence hall.

Who will help me with questions once I arrive?

All first-year students are welcomed by Resident Assistants (RAs), Peer Orientation Persons (POPs), Area Coordinators (ACs), and Assistant Directors (ADs). Resident Assistants are trained to help with any needs you may have. Area Coordinators and Assistant Directors are full-time professional staff members who may reside within the residence halls. Area Coordinators and Assistant Directors implement a comprehensive residential program that supports the personal growth and development of resident students.