What should I bring to college? – Albright College

What should I bring to college?

The Following lists will help you get ready for college living

Living on campus comes with a lot of advantages. Air conditioning and FREE laundry facilities are available in every residence hall and all rooms are equipped with a microfridge and free wireless service. A bed, desk, closet and chair will be waiting for you upon arrival but there are still a few items you wont want to live without.

Must Have items
I.D. (driver’s license, etc.)
Cell Phone
Alarm Clock

Items needed for your dorm
Extra long twin sheets/pillow case
Egg-crate mattress pad
Shower Flip-flops
Shower caddy

Covered soap dish, liquid soap
Toothbrush & container
Towels and washcloths

Blow dryer/curling iron/straightener
General toiletries/cosmetics
Hand or vanity mirror
Hair ties/hair clips

Items that will help you feel more at home
Photo album/pictures
Jewelry box/sewing kit
Circulating fan & Air fresheners
Extra chair or beanbag
Sit-up pillow/body pillow
Drying rack with tray
Room decorations
Iron/Portable ironing board
3-drawer storage
Curtains (blinds provided)
Area rug (10’ x 10’ recommended)
Gaming console

These items are additional but often helpful
Coffee-maker & mugs
Microwave safe cups, dishes, bowls
Can opener
Sponges, dish towels, dish soap, scrubber
Instant foods and beverages
Desk light, night light and extra bulbs
Flashlight and batteries
Trash basket & liners (Recycling bags)
Storage boxes (under-the-bed)
Extension cord (UL approved ONLY)
Laundry bag, detergent
Locking storage box/trunk
3M Hooks (with 3M Mounting strips ONLY)
TV/Cable Cord (Basic cable service provided)
Laptop/Printer, Paper, Flash-drives, mouse pad
First-Aid Kit
Cold and Headache medicine
Tissues/Cotton balls/Swabs
Umbrella or rain Poncho
Winter boots, Gloves, Hats, Coats

The Following items are NOT PERMITTED
(please consult the student handbook for additional information)

Items with an open flame are prohibited.
-Candles (burned or unburned)
-Candle warmers, incense (burned or unburned)
-(Candles kept for decorative purposes must have the wick completely removed)
Halogen lamps and multi-bulb floor lamps exceeding 3 bulbs are strictly forbidden
Space Heaters are strictly forbidden
Toaster ovens, toasters, open burners, sandwich makers, George Foreman Grills, electric frying pans, or
any other items with an exposed heating element are strictly prohibited
Charcoal grills and propane tank grills are strictly prohibited
No refrigerators, microwaves or AC units. The college provides all three
Pets are strictly prohibited (fish and turtles in aquariums of 10 gallons or less are allowed)

Items you’ll need for the classroom
Access to a Calculator
Access to a Dictionary
Reference books or access to
Essential Addresses & phone numbers
Pens/pencils/erasers and pencil container
Paperclips/rubber bands
Tape (masking/scotch)
Loose-leaf binder/paper
Dry-Erase Board/Markers
Backpack or Tote bag
Day Planner/Calendar

Making new friends and connecting with people is important.
Learn more about activities on campus that are important to you.

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