Welcome Weekend 2021 FAQs | Albright College

Welcome Weekend 2021 FAQs

When you arrive on campus you will go to Shirk Stadium, entering off of 13th Street. There you will receive necessary materials for your move-in, receive your pre-entry Covid test if not vaccinated, and then be directed to your residence hall. Our staff will be able to help direct you to the entrance that you will use for move in. You will utilize only that door throughout your move-in to enter and exit the building.

We ask that all students and their guests follow the following rules and guidelines, as well as campus policies, and directions given by campus officials throughout move-in:

  1. Before arriving, all individuals assisting with the student’s move in must take their temperature. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher should stay home. Anyone in the party who is feeling ill should stay home.
  2. Students should move in and unpack while non-student helpers are present in the residence halls. Significant socializing with other residents should wait until family and friends leave the halls, in order to reduce exposure concerns.
  3. Masks should be worn by all parties visiting campus, at all times, indoors and outdoors.
  4. Please remain six feet away from anyone who is not a member of your own household.
  5. All residents and helpers should wash or sanitize hands often during move in.
  6. Residents and their helpers should touch as few surfaces, outside of their own room and vehicle, as possible.

Resident-students may have up to two helpers. These can be family members or friends. All members of your move in group must take their temperature before coming to campus. Anyone not feeling well or with a temperature over 100.4 F should not come to campus. All members of your move in group must wear masks at all times on campus, regularly wash or sanitize their hands, and avoid contact with others outside of your family group.

Move in times are being assigned to all students so that the number of individuals in a building at a time can be limited. Look for specific information about your move-in time in your Albright email from Katy Mangold in OSIL. Your time will be on either Wednesday August 11th, or Thursday, August 12th.