New Student Checklist Fall 2023 – Albright College

New Student Checklist Fall 2023


Log into Self-Service. Go to “Classes.”

Go to the Albright Bookstore. Click the “Textbooks” tab and go to “Find Course Materials.” Use the drop-down menus to select the correct Term and Session, the Department, Course and Section, then click “Find Materials.” Follow the links to see purchase and rental options through the Albright Bookstore. You can have items sent to you or you can pick them up at the bookstore, located in the McMillan Student Center. You can also order books and supplies from other vendors, but be sure to purchase correct editions.

Financial Aid

  • Log into Identity Management at and navigate to the Financial Aid 2023-2024 tab and confirm that all documentation has been submitted.
    • Red Tab – Review and submit the requested documentation immediately.
    • Yellow Tab – You have submitted all requested documentation and your file is being reviewed by one of our staff members. Our review process takes approximately 14 business days.
    • Green – You are good to go!
  • Remain in Identity Management and navigate to Financial Aid Awards 2023-2024. Review your financial aid awards and confirm that everything looks accurate.
    • If you wish to decline any portion of your financial aid package, please email us at with your request. We will notify you when we have made the requested changes.
  • Explore Payment Options
    • Log into LionPay at and view our convenient payment plan options. You may utilize this option to pay all or a part of your tuition.
    • PLUS Loans
      • If your parents plan to borrow to support your education, the Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Student (PLUS) is an option. The application can be found at
      • If your parent is denied for PLUS, you may receive additional Unsubsidized Stafford Loan funds.
    • Private Loans
      • Educational loans are available through private lenders. These loans are typically in the student’s name and usually require a creditworthy co-signer. Be sure to consider all of your options before considering a consumer-based secondary student loan. A resource to consider for private loans is

Finally, if your family has experienced a change or has unusual circumstances, we may be able to help. Please contact our office at or 610-921-7515.

Residential Life

Student Accounts

If not, please log into Self Service.Go to “Finances” and click on “LionPay.”

If you have any questions, please email

If not, please log into Self Service.Go to “Finances” and click on “LionPay.”

If you have any questions, please email

If not, please log into Self Service.Go to “Finances” and click on “LionPay.”

If you have any questions, please email

Student and Campus Life

If not, please log in to the Class of 2027 Canvas class and complete the pre-orientation components by August 21. Pre-orientation modules are required for all incoming students.

If you have any questions, please email Katy Mangold, Director of OSIL, at

To register your vehicle click here.

To submit forms, visit the Student Health Portal

Click here to upload and submit a photo.

If so, please submit a request for transportation here.

POM pricing and purchasing information:

  • POMs are available for the annual fee of $45 or a lifetime fee of $120.
  • POMs can be purchased with a credit/debit card online at the.POM. Bring your receipt to the Public Safety Office to pick-up your POM. POM devices may also be billed to your student account by completing a form at Public Safety.
  • POMs are available for purchase at the Public Safety Office, 24/7.

  • Contact Emma Alvarez, student employment specialist at for more information.
  • Please be sure to bring your photo ID and social security card to campus (documents required through Human Resources to obtain employment).

Safe and Healthy Albrightians

Log into to review and submit this required form.

Visit the Current Students webpage for tools and services that include Self Service, Paw Print, Lions Edge and much more.