Student Center Dining Hall Decoration Request Form

Campus groups who partner with Dining Services on dining hall events must have their decorations and menu approved by the Director of Dining Services. To receive approval, this form must be submitted at least 21-days prior to the event date.

  • All decorations will be put up and taken down on the same day of the event by the Partnering Group.
  • Decorations not removed will result in a charge of $50.
  • There will be no decorations offensive in nature or referencing alcohol.
  • If the Group should require table cloths, there is a charge of $1.50/table cloth.
  • There will be no decorations offensive in nature or referencing alcohol.
  • Special requests for tables and/or chairs will be submitted through Albright Facilities by the Partnering Group.
  • Any moving of tables/chairs is responsibility of the Partnering group. Tables/chairs must be put back to original setup, if not, there is a charge of $150.

Lead Decoration Planner Contact Information

  • All decorations will be placed in locations that they will not come in contact with any food products or create an unsafe environment for the guests. (No decorations on sneeze guards)
  • There will be no decorations hanging from the ceiling or lights. All hanging decorations must be hung with removable tape on the walls.


* If yes, Group will provide logo to place on marketing materials.

Meal Costs: Lunch – $9.35 Dinner – $10.35

Event Setup Timeframes Times

  • Lunch: 8am to 11am
  • Dinner: 2:30pm to 5pm
  • Cleanup will be completed by 9pm for all events.

Advertising Information

  • Napkin Holders – Count 175; Size 4.25”H x 6.25”W; Group is responsible for insertion and removal of advertisements.
  • Poster/TV Advertisements – Must be submitted within 21-days of the event with prior approval of Dining Services.


  • All performers will setup on the North Wing “Stage”.
  • All equipment/electrical needs will be requested by the Partnering Group with Albright Facilities


Heath McCormick, Director of Dining Services

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