Student Resources – Albright College

Student Resources

A. Bookstore

The Albright College Gear Shop is located on the main floor of the Student Center and serves as a one-stop shop for all things Albright. The Gear Shop carries a variety of products including school supplies, school spirit apparel and gift items to accommodate the entire College community. Purchases can also be made online at the Albright College Gear Shop.

Textbooks and other course materials are provided through Books by eCampus and are available through the Albright College Online Bookstore. Students receive free expediated shipping on orders shipped directly to the Albright College Gear Shop. There is free standard shipping on orders over $59.00 for residential shipments, and a $7.00 flat rate expediated upgrade for residential shipments. Refund returns are accepted up to 30 days after class starts. Textbook rentals are available to save students up to 80%. Rentals may be used for the duration of your course and are due to be returned at the end of each semester. Prepaid rental return labels are provided within your Online Bookstore account or rentals may be returned at the Albright College Gear Shop during designated buyback dates. Student may sell books online 24/7 through the Albright College Online Bookstore. Students may sell books on campus at the Albright College Gear Shop during designated buyback dates at the end of each semester.

You can reach the eCampus help desk here.

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B. Communications

1.   Mail Services
The Campus Mailroom is located in the lower level of the Campus Center by Jake’s Place.

The Mailroom is a full-service mailroom and offers services such as:

  • Purchasing stamps.
  • Mailing packages and letters.
  • Mailing services which include: certified, registered, insured, and delivery confirmation items, Fed Ex, UPS, and DHL shipping.

Monday through Friday

10:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm – 4:15 pm, unless communicated differently due to summer hours, weather and holidays.

Phone: 610-921-7817


Web:    Mail Services

Joe Sebio, Mailroom Clerk – Students,

Frank Schaeffer, Mailroom Clerk – Staff,

Michelle Bialek, Mailroom Manager, or 610-921-7899

Letters, magazines and pertinent campus communications are distributed weekday mornings, except holidays, in student mailboxes in the lower level of the Campus Center by Jake’s Place.  Students get assigned a mailbox number which can be easily found on the Identity site. (

Mailbox keys are issued by request only.  Please complete the “Key Request” form on our webpage or contact the mailroom to get your mailbox key.   A replacement key charge of $30.00 will be charged to your student account if a key is lost or not returned.

To ensure that their mail and packages reach them efficiently and as promptly as possible, students should inform parents, friends and businesses; the importance of indicating their NAME and MAILBOX NUMBER on all incoming mail and packages.   Please do not include their residence hall room number.  Nicknames and aliases should not be used on mail; proper names only. The mailroom should be notified of name changes due to marriage, divorce or other legal procedure.

To receive mail, the following full address block should be used for U.S. mail:

P.O. BOX 15234
READING, PA 19612-5234

To receive packages, all express carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL) need a street address.  Be sure to use the following format for these carriers:


Parcel Lockers:  Located in the Campus Center hallways by the Cafeteria cashier and is available for use from 6:00 am to 12:00 am during regularly scheduled semesters.  Students will receive an email notification when their package is ready for pick up. The email will contain a 6 digit pin number and/or barcode that they may manually enter or scan at the parcel locker. After receiving the notification, students have 5 days to retrieve packages from the locker. If the package is not retrieved in the allotted time it will be returned to the sender.

Amazon Lockers: Located outside of Jake’s Place and are available to retrieve packages 24/7 365 days.

Students must be present on campus to ship packages to the college address.

The College does not have the capability in our mail room to forward mail or packages for students who move off campus.  Please contact any person/agency from whom you might be expecting mail and let them know of your new mailing address. This should include any banks or government agencies.  If we receive mail or packages for a student who is no longer living on campus, it will be “Returned to Sender”.
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C. Commuter Student Services

Commuting students will find opportunities for study, relaxation and socialization in the Pine Room, the day students’ lounge located on the ground level of the north wing of Selwyn Hall. Students also frequent Jake’s Place for breakfast or lunch and may purchase meals in the dining hall. Commuters are encouraged to join the Commuter Student Association and to become involved in all areas of campus life. If you have problems or concerns, please contact the director of student involvement and leadership, Katy Mangold, at 610-929-6619 or

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D. Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers free and confidential services by licensed professionals. The Counseling Center can be found in the rear of the Gable Health and Counseling Center Building located at 1829 Linden Street. During the academic year, appointments are available Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.; Fridays from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. by contacting the medical assistant  at 610-921-7532. It should be noted that the Counseling Center is closed during the summer sessions. Further, the Counseling Center staff does NOT provide 24-hour coverage. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency and need immediate assistance, please go directly to the Public Safety Office, or call 610-921-7670.

The counseling process is designed to help students address concerns that may be interfering with their personal growth, development or academic success, including but not limited to adjusting to college life, stress and time management, anxiety, depression, family and relationship issues, crisis intervention, and addiction. It involves a therapeutic relationship between the student and a trained counselor who has the desire and willingness to help students accomplish individual goals, come to a greater understanding of oneself and learn effective personal and interpersonal success strategies.

Currently enrolled full-time day undergraduate students, graduate students and School of Professional Studies students who are enrolled on the main campus are entitled to the services of the center. The initial appointment(s) involve screening, assessment and establishing a plan. Albright’s model is a brief therapy model, with most students receiving a maximum of eight sessions per academic year. However, students may be referred to off-campus health, mental health or substance-abuse professionals for longer-term, more intensive services as necessary. Students are solely responsible for all payments involving off-campus treatment, which may or may not involve insurance.  Although services at the counseling center are free of charge, a fee of $25 will be charged to your student account for each missed session that is not cancelled within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment.

The Counseling Center provides programming relating to the mental health of the campus community. Topics include but are not limited to dealing with stress, substance abuse, creating and developing healthier relationships and lifestyles, protecting oneself from sexual assault, eating disorders, learning how to communicate effectively, suicide prevention, coping with depression, transitions, and grief and loss.  Requests should be made to the director and require a minimum of two weeks’ notice.

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E.  Student Accessibility and Advocacy Office

Albright College ensures that students with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in its programs and activities, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) and encourages qualified students to request reasonable accommodations. Albright College offers academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, and services for qualified students through the Student Accessibility and Advocacy (SAA) Office, which handles all requests for accommodations and makes referrals to other college departments as needed. The Director of the Student Accessibility and Advocacy Office, Sherry Young, fosters independent learning and self-advocacy and encourages students to engage in an interactive process. Students must, submit current clinical documentation, schedule an appointment with Sherry Young, and complete the accommodation request packet. Students should start the accommodation process by contacting the office at 610-921-7503 or Students can also obtain further information and the documentation standards from the SAA website.

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F. Experiential Learning and Career Development Center

The Experiential Learning and Career Development Center (ELCDC), located in Geiser House, next door to Gable Health and Counseling Center, is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with virutal appointments only on Fridays. The ELCDC can be reached at 610-921-7630 or The ELCDC provides a variety of services, programs, special events, and workshops to assist students with all their career development and experiential learning needs.
Experiential Learning Opportunities

  • Study abroad/off campus
  • Faculty-led course travel
  • Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) Program
  • Honors Program

Career Development

  • Choosing a major or career
  • Finding internships and jobs
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Graduate/professional school research and applications

Additional Events and Workshops

  • Graduate/Professional School Fair
  • Career and Internship Fair
  • Study Abroad Fair
  • Career panels in collaboration with academic departments
  • Networking opportunities with regional and national employers
  • Choosing/Changing a Major
  • Resume 101
  • Study Abroad 101
  • Interviewing
  • Job and Internship Search

Students have access to a free online platform, Focus 2 Career (access code: lions), to complete self-assessments that match directly to Albright majors and career options. Additionally, students are encouraged to use Handshake to search for jobs and internships, view and RSVP for ELCDC and employer events, and schedule appointments with the ELCDC.

Visit us online at here for more information about our services.

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G.  Fitness – Schumo Center for Fitness and Well-Being

The Schumo Center for Fitness and Well-Being is a state-of-the art wellness facility that offers students the opportunity for fitness, relaxation, education and community. Students are able to partake in a large variety of fitness classes including Total Body, Spinning, and Yoga! There are also opportunities to participate in recreational sports such as intramural basketball, football, volleyball, and many others. Peg’s, the Café at Schumo, offers a menu rich with healthy meals and snacks to rejuvenate our students’ bodies and souls. For information regarding hours and available programs, please contact the front desk at 610-929-6715 or visit the Schumo Center for Fitness and Well-Being website.

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H. Food Services

All resident students, except those assigned to Rockland Hall and Affinity Housing, must participate in one of the on-campus meal plans. Rockland Hall, Affinity Housing residents and commuter students may select any plan offered. Several meal options are available to students who have special needs because of class or work schedules, co-curricular activities, special diets, or diets related to religious beliefs. In all cases, contact the Food Service office at 610-921-7525.

1.     Student Identification Card
To facilitate your entry to the dining hall, your card needs to be displayed at the door checker station and swiped through the card reader. If you do not have your card, your access to goods and services may be denied. Balances on your ID card can be checked at any dining terminal or at the Student Accounts office.

Door checkers are at the door to prevent unauthorized entrance to the Dining Hall. Please cooperate with them and help them maintain these important practices.

2.     Dining Service Policies
We encourage and welcome all guests to the dining hall. We accept cash, credit cards, bonus dollars, and declining balance accounts.
For your safety and a pleasurable dining experience, proper dress is required.

Food and beverages may not be removed from the dining hall without authorization from Food Service management.  It is a health code violation and strictly forbidden to fill personal drinking vessels from the soda/milk and juice dispensers.  Cross contamination occurs between the dispenser and the mouth of the drinking vessel.

Please return your dishes to the dish room when you are finished eating. Thank you for your consideration in leaving the table presentable for our next guests.

Inappropriate behavior such as throwing food will not be tolerated. Offenders will be referred to the dean of students for judicial proceedings.

3.     Alternate Meal Options

a.     Grab and Go: Students who are interested in this program may make a one-time purchase ($5.00) of the “Clamshell”, a reusable container that will hold hot or cold foods. Along with the “Clamshell” comes a to-go cup for a beverage and a hot/cold container for soup (etc.).  Students may visit the stations of their choice and fill the container along with a beverage. As stated, the container is reusable and must be returned on the next visit to receive a “Clean Clamshell” from the Cashier. If you do forget your “Clamshell” you will be required to purchase a new one. All students using the Grab’n’Go will hand their I.D. card to the Cashier and have 10 minutes in which to gather food and drink, return to the Cashier Station and retrieve their I.D. card before leaving the Dining Hall.

b.    Cash Equivalency:  Available at Jake’s Place and Peg’s Café, Cash Equivalency is a cash amount that is credited towards the purchase of food items at these locations. A “meal” is deducted from your meal plan balance and a cash equivalent value is applied toward the total cost of items pur­chased. Any outstanding balance can be paid for with Bonus Dollars, cash or credit. Cash equivalency is not available on pre-packaged products; including bagged chips, bottled beverages, candy bars.  Students on the Gold Unlimited Meal Plan may use one Cash Equivalency exchange per meal period, while your meal plan will still grant you unlimited access to Campus Center Dining Hall.  Students on the Silver, Bronze, Block 120 or Block 80 may use their Cash Equivalency once per meal period, but once you use your meal per meal period, students will have to wait until the next meal period to spend another meal.

c.     Meal Credits: Meal credits can be applied to your catering event. Please plan at least two weeks ahead and provide a list of all attendees. The credits do not apply if the meal period sacrificed is attended after all. For more info: 610-921-7606.

4.     Dining Service Directory

Catering Coordinator 7606
Dining Hall Supervisor 7602
General Dining Services 7525
Jake’s Place 7605
General Manager 6680
Head Chef 7574
Production Manager 7604
Retail Operations 6782

5.    Hours of Operation

Campus Center Dining Hall

  • Monday – Thursday – 7am-8pm – Continous Dining
  • Friday  – 7am-7pm – Continous Dining
  • Saturday – 8am-7pm – Continous Dining
  • Sunday – 10am-7pm – Continous Dining

Jake’s Place

  • Monday – Friday – 10am-Midnight
  • Saturday – 12pm-Midnight
  • Sunday – 2pm-Midnight

Jake’s Java

  • Monday – Thursday – 8am-7pm
  • Friday – 8am-3pm
  • Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

Peg’s Café in the Schumo Center

  • Monday – Thursday – 9am-7pm
  • Friday – 9am-3pm
  • Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

Rockland Market in Roessner

  • Monday – Thursday – 8am-7pm
  • Friday – 8am-2pm
  • Saturday & Sunday – CLOSED

I. Health Services

Medical attention for current Albright College students is available on-campus through the Gable Health and Counseling Center. Albright College staff and faculty may access care through the health center for acute conditions and charges will incur based upon the type of visit. The office is open Monday through Friday, and patients are seen by appointment. The center is staffed with a physician, a nurse practitioner, and two medical assistants. The health center fee is included in the student services fee which is billed to each student at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. Covered services include sick visits, concussion follow-up in the health center, health center visits for athletic injuries and study abroad visits. Prescription medications, specialty services, specialty treatments, and physicals requiring the completion of paperwork will incur additional fees. The current no-show fee of $25.00 to $40.00 (dependent upon the type of visit scheduled) will be charged to the student account if a student schedules an appointment, does not attend the appointment and does not call to cancel the appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time. The additional charges will be billed to the student account or the student may pay the charge directly to the campus cashier. Students wishing to seek insurance reimbursement may request a receipt from the health center and the student is then responsible to submit that receipt to the insurance company.  Should a medical emergency occur when the health center is closed, the Department of Public Safety will assist in arranging for transportation to a local hospital.

All students must submit a medical history, physical, and immunization information to the Gable Health Center. Pennsylvania state law mandates that all students living in the residence halls must either submit proof that they received the meningococcal vaccine or sign a waiver at the health center declining the vaccination. If you are participating in Albright College Athletics, appropriate forms pertaining to sickle cell trait testing must be completed prior to beginning the first year of your sport.  Failure to submit any of the aforementioned information will result in you being ineligible to register for future classes.

Primary health insurance coverage is the responsibility of the student and parent. Information regarding the health insurance must be registered yearly at the health center. If you do not have health insurance and are interested in purchasing it, please contact the Gable Health Center at 610-921-7532 for further information. Please view our health and wellness-related information here.

The Gable Health Center maintains strict standards around privacy and confidentiality. All information about you and your contact with the Gable Health Center is private and confidential.  Confidentiality requirements contained in Federal regulations do not permit the College to disclose medical information pertaining to students/patients over the age of eighteen to anyone, including family members unless we receive the student’s explicit permission and consent.  Information about medical services rendered to you by the Gable Health Center should be provided to others (parents and college personnel) directly by you. However, please note, if there is a risk of harm to oneself or to others, a health care provider may intervene and disclose appropriate health information to protect the person(s) at risk of harm or to assist in their emergency health care.

1.     Temporary Medical Conditions

Students occupying residential housing who acquire a temporary illness or medical condition that requires monitoring and attention of a nature that is over and above the capabilities of the residential housing staff and services that are routinely provided by the Gable Health Center will be asked to leave residential housing within 48 hours unless additional time is approved by the senior vice president of student and campus life and chief health officer.

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J.  Digital Strategy and Infrastructure (DSI)

The Digital Strategy and Infrastructure Department is located in the Center for Computing and Mathematics (CCM). The first floor of the CCM is the home of Client Services, your IT Services Help Desk at Albright College.

Important services provided by Client Services include:

  • Network and Email Account Support: Students with a valid Albright ID card may visit DSI Client Services to obtain their network/e-mail accounts and passwords.
  • Please note that all network usage on campus is subject to Albright’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Media Services: Media Services provides support for students, staff and faculty who wish to use technology in their academic activities and work.  Services include AV equipment loaning, classroom technology support and one-on-one equipment training.
  • Student computing support: Staff technicians can help resolve general network and Internet connectivity problems in the residence halls. Technicians are available at DSI Client Services during normal operating hours.

Additional Resources

  • Client Services supports over 300 student-use computers spread across 17 labs. A list of the labs can be found on this page by expanding the Computer Labs banner. For a schedule of open hours at any of these labs, please contact the appropriate building secretary.
  • Details about where and how to print on campus can be found on the Paw Print page.
  • To receive more information about computing resources on campus, please see the Technology Services Page.
  • Contact us at or by phone 610-921-7676.

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K.  Library Services – The F. Wilbur Gingrich Library

The Gingrich Library is an integral part of a student’s academic experience and provides resources and services to help students succeed academically. Indeed, student success is why we are here. The staff gives highest priority to helping students develop critical research skills through a varied instruction program. In its temporary location in the Center for Computing and Mathematics, the library offers access to an extensive collection of e-books, electronic journals and databases—all available from on-campus, in residence halls or off-campus—and to its entire catalog of print materials and DVDs.

Students needing print books or DVDs from the collection should contact the library reference staff ( or place a hold on the materials via the online catalog and logging in to their account with their LionLINK username and password. For items not owned by the library, students can request, free of charge, almost any book or article through our interlibrary loan system.

A small browsing library and college computers are located in the Center for Computing and Mathematics. Reference librarians are available to answer questions and help students use resources and find appropriate materials. Students are encouraged to contact a librarian at any stage of the research process. Real-time chat services are available through the library’s portal at the library’s main page. Projected hours for fall are as follows:

  • 9am-7pm Mon-Thursday
  • 9am-4:30pm Friday
  • Sunday noon-8pm

The student ID card also functions as the library card and is used to borrow materials from the library or obtain course materials from reserve. Students who do not receive an ID card should contact the Department of Public Safety. College ID cards are used during the student’s entire undergraduate experience and can be updated for alumni privileges upon graduation. Access to the computer network, the interlibrary loan system and remote access to the library databases uses the college’s LionLINK account username and password. Students who need assistance in logging in with their LionLINK account should contact DSI Client Services.

The following library regulations apply for all students:

  • Each student is responsible for all materials borrowed on his/her card, including fines incurred and charges for lost or damaged materials.
  • Each student is bound by the college Code of Conduct as well as the Library’s Conduct Policy while using library resources and services. These rules cover how students should behave so as not to disturb or disrupt other library patrons. Failure to abide by these standard library rules can lead to the student being required to leave the library.
  • As a safety and security measure, students may be asked to present their college ID at any time while they are using the library.
  • Loss or theft of the card must be reported to the Department of Public Safety and the Library immediately.

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L. Multicultural Office

The Office of Multicultural Affairs strives to support and empower students of all backgrounds. The office provides educational and inclusive programming, advisement, and other services that promote cultural awareness.  Our goal is to work with the campus community in order to encourage academic, cultural, and personal growth. We welcome differences in age, race, ethnicity, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, and geographic origin. While this office services the greater Albright community to enhance the goals of multiculturalism, specific focus and attention is placed on all students enrolled at Albright College.

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M.  Public Safety

1.     Our Mission
The Department of Public Safety is committed to providing a safe and secure environment by extending care and assistance to our students, faculty, staff, guests and other members of the community-at-large. Our department works around the clock by providing frequent patrols throughout campus and the surrounding areas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our officers are dedicated to protecting all Albright community members, the physical assets of the college and to fostering an attitude of cooperation with those with whom we come in contact.

The department employs a complement of both full and part-time officers, as well as a contingency of student security officers. We strive for excellence in providing a safe, secure environment and we promote and support the success of Albright students and the community.

The Department of Public Safety is located at the corner of College Avenue and Linden Street. If calling from a college telephone, the emergency telephone number for immediate access to the office is ext. 7670. In the event of a campus wide power outage, dial 610-921-2227. Emergency telephones are strategically located throughout the campus. By pressing the red key button, the call goes directly to the Public Safety Office. Select telephones also provide local calling capabilities.

All public safety officers are CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator certified. A defibrillator is available in the Public Safety Office, as well as other on-campus locations, if an emergency situation requires its use.

The Department of Public Safety will transport any student in need of medical treatment to the local hospital or to a physician’s office if a staff member is available. The charge for this service is $25. An escort service is provided throughout the year and during the hours of darkness.

2.     Nationwide Alerts 
As the federal government regulates the nationwide alert system, we need to be sensitive from a local perspective. The following initiatives have taken place on the Albright campus:
a.     A campus-wide Emergency Response Plan has been developed for numerous situations that could occur on our campus.
b.     All public safety officers have been trained in appropriate responses to any given emergency on campus.
c.     We have taken additional precautions at public events held on campus. We continue to monitor national and international developments, and are committed to maintaining the safest environment possible.
d.     The college has implemented a text messaging system that provides critical information to anyone in the Albright community who sign up for this free service. Register for e2Campus here. You may also contact Client Services in DSI Services and they will provide instructions. Students may also sign up for an e2 Campus alert via email notification.
e.      If a major emergency should occur, public safety officers will make immediate contact with the housing director, assistant housing director and/or area coordinators who in turn will contact the resident assistants. The information available will be disseminated quickly to all students.

3. The Albright community can assist as we attempt to heighten our own level of security by adhering to the following:

  1. Always be aware of anyone trying to gain access to a building when those on campus do not know the person(s). Never prop open locked doors.
  2. Students should be aware of individuals following them into residence halls. Never admit an unknown individual into a residence hall. If someone attempts to gain access, contact Public Safety immediately.
  3. Anything of a suspicious nature should be immediately reported to Public Safety. Some have already assisted in this way in the recent past. As a result, several persons have been apprehended attempting to break into vehicles owned by our students. We depend on everyone to help us with this security effort.

4.     College Identification Card (ID)
The Department of Public Safety issues to all incoming freshmen and transfer students a personal ID/access card with photograph. This card must be carried at all times while on campus. When asked by any Albright College Official to produce identification, this card must be presented. This requirement is a security measure to ensure that only those who are authorized to be on campus can be identified. It provides access to the residence hall occupied by the owner of the card, as well as access to the library, dining hall, bookstore and various campus activities. The cost to replace a lost or misplaced identification/access card is $20. This cost is not refundable if the missing card is found at a later date.

5.     Escort Service 
The Department of Public Safety provides an escort service seven days per week to all students during the hours of darkness. This service is only provided for on-campus escorts. Because of other responsibilities, it is impossible to provide transportation to areas such as airports, bus terminals or train stations.

A walking escort may be provided instead of a vehicle escort based on vehicle availability. Note: Groups of four or more individuals who are going to the same location will not be given an escort.

A walking escort may be requested any time after dark and will be provided by an officer. There may be times when an immediate response may not be possible, due to other responsibilities or emergencies requiring the officers’ attention. An officer will respond as quickly as possible.

Students are encouraged not to walk alone at night and to utilize the escort services provided by Public Safety.

6.     Inspection and Legal Entry 
Albright College is sensitive to student needs for privacy. However, the college is liable to civil authorities for behavior within its residence halls and apartments. College officials reserve the right to enter any room at any time for purposes of inspection or to call attention to any violation of the general regulations.

Any time a college official enters a room and finds a college policy being violated, that room may become subject to further search if warranted by the situation. Closets and dresser drawers also may be opened and searched.

Rooms may be entered in the event of an emergency where a person’s well-being or health may be threatened, or when personal or college property is thought to be in immediate danger.

7.     Keys
Keys are nontransferable and must be returned when a student vacates housing. Students assume a significant responsibility for safeguarding keys entrusted to them. The replacement cost for lost or broken keys, or the turning in of an unauthorized duplicated key, is $25.

Students residing in the residence halls on campus, including Crowell Hall, Krause Hall, North Hall and Smith Hall, will be assigned combinations for individual rooms. Combinations should be kept confidential. Should it be necessary to change a combination a second time because of a breach of confidentiality violation, the student will be assessed a fee of $25. There is no charge to students if the combination is changed per an administrative request.

8.     Lost and Found 
Items may be claimed, with proper identification, at the Public Safety Office. If you find a lost item, please take it to the Public Safety Office. Items will be kept for 30 days.

9.     Insurance Protection 
Albright College does NOT provide property insurance for the loss or damage of personal property of Albright residential or commuting students anywhere on campus. Students and parents should consult with their personal insurance agents to review their existing homeowner’s or tenant’s insurance policies to determine if appropriate insurance protections are provided for personal property brought to and used on the Albright campus.

If consultations reveal that no such protection exists, each student is urged to obtain such coverage by obtaining an insurance rider to an existing policy or coverage through a separate policy. Should the student not have an insurance agent or wish to compare premiums, coverage is available through National Student Services, Inc. This company, located in Stillwater, Okla., provides personal effects coverage at a nominal cost. For more information, contact the Residential Life Office.

10.    Securing the Campus
Over the past several years, a few officers within the Department of Public Safety, who have received Act 120 Certification or its equivalent, have become sworn police officers through the Berks County Court of Common Pleas. This was accomplished in order to provide a safer environment for everyone on the Albright College campus. Now, if a criminal from the community attempts to commit a crime on campus, these officers have the authority to detain and arrest them.

11.    Snow and Other Emergency Situations  
a.   When you hear that we have a late opening, this is what it means:

  • College Opening Late. When Albright designates a late opening time (such as 9:30 or 10 a.m.), classes beginning before the designated time are canceled.
  • Day Classes Canceled. All classes on the main campus normally scheduled from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. are canceled, and administrative offices are closed. Designated key emergency personnel should report to work. Please note: Because of changing conditions, evening classes may be held even when day classes have been canceled.
  • Evening Classes Canceled. All classes on the main campus normally scheduled from 5 p.m. and after are canceled. (See also SPS info below.)
  • Activities, athletic events or individual facilities may be canceled or closed even when the college is open. Individual events may take place even when classes are canceled.
  • Status may change: For example, a one-hour delay may later change to a two-hour or longer delay or change to a closing. Late-afternoon and evening classes may be canceled even if the college has been open all day.
  • Faculty and Staff: Key emergency personnel must report even when classes are canceled. For complete information on reporting, see the Albright College weather policy on the Albright intranet or in the Employee Handbook.
  • School of Professional Studies (SPS) locations: Check the Albright website and Emergency Closing Information webpage for continuously updated information about closings in all SPS locations.

b.     How to Find Out What’s Happening

e2Campus text messages, the Albright website, and college email, are the first places where information is posted and updated and the most reliable sources.

  • e2Campus text message: A brief text message will be sent to everyone signed up for the emergency text messaging system, called e2Campus. More detailed information will often be shared via email or on the college website. Register for e2Campus here.

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N. Religious Activities and On-Campus Worship

The College seeks to provide opportunities in which students can reflect upon religious and moral questions and issues.  In addition to the work of the Chaplain’s Office, student religious groups representing the Jewish, Muslim, Protestant and Catholic traditions offer a variety of means through which students can explore personal and social issues of faith.

For counseling appointments or other items that may require a specific block of time, please contact the Chaplains to schedule an appointment during office hours (9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.). The Chaplains may be reached through email: Rev. Ibrahim Bangura, Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Mel Sensenig, Chaplain The office of the Albright College chaplains is located in the Multi-Faith Center, 1811 Linden Street.

If you are looking for information or resources regarding Islam, the local Muslim community or a place to perform the daily prayers on campus, you can reach out to Rubina Tareen, Interfaith Coordinator,

1.     Buddhist Faith – Zen Buddhist group meets every Sunday from 8:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. in the Multi-Faith Center. Please contact the Chaplain’s Office at 610-921-7708 for more details.

2.     Catholic Eucharist and Mass – Please contact Rev. Allen J. Hoffa, Holy Guardian Angels Catholic Church,, 610-921-2729 ext. 2205.

3.     Jewish Faith – Albright’s Hillel Chapter is the main focus for Jewish students on campus. Jennifer Koosed, Ph.D., from the Religious Studies Department, is the adviser. Dr. Koosed or the chaplains help students find a local synagogue that meets their needs.

4.     Muslim Faith – Meeting opportunities in the Multi-Faith Center.

5.     Protestant Faith – A variety of liturgical experiences are offered depending on interest. The Albright Christian Fellowship provides a weekly Bible study and a worship gathering on Wednesday evenings.

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O. Residential Life

  1. Mission Statement
    The Office of Residential Life seeks to create a safe, supportive, and inclusive residential community that fosters the success and personal growth of each resident.
  1. Residential Life Information
    The Office of Residential Life is located at 1331 Richmond Street (next to Mohn Hall) and is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The Office of Residential Life is responsible for the overall planning, development, and implementation of the residential program at Albright College. This includes housing operations (room assignments, room changes, and management of the housing contract) and residential services (programming, staffing, and policy enforcement). Students can find information about housing policies and procedures, residence hall amenities, and general information on the Residential Life web page and in the housing lease. Students are encouraged to contact a resident assistant, lead resident assistant, or professional staff member for questions or clarification of College policy.
  1. Residential Life Staff Office Staff
    The Office of Residential Life is supported by administrative personnel who act as point of service for students, parents, and guests. Office staff are implemental in the success of Residential Life and student support.

    The Director of Residential Life is the primary administrator of the College’s residential program. The director oversees all administrative processes pertaining to the residence halls and directs the development of a residential community that embodies the values of the College.

    Assistant Director 
    The Assistant Director is a full-time professional staff member providing leadership in housing operations, student staff training and recruitment, campus-wide programming, and the supervision of a residential area.

    Area Coordinators 
    Area Coordinators are full-time professional staff members responsible for implementing a comprehensive residential program by overseeing residential areas, coordinating programs and activities, and promoting a positive living and learning environment.

    Resident Assistants and Lead Resident Assistants 
    Resident Assistants (RAs) are student staff members selected on the basis of their skills, interests and activities, which enable them to effectively assist and advice students. Each resident assistant is trained to refer students with academic and personal concerns, provide an engaging, educational environment, and enforce College and housing policies. Lead Resident Assistants provide leadership to each RA staff, act as liaison for building concerns, and serve on duty for the residence halls.
  2. Residential and Food Service Contract All students living on-campus or in College-managed housing are required to accept the terms and conditions of the housing contract and, if living in traditional residential areas, select a meal plan for the entire academic year. The contract defines the terms and conditions of occupancy, housing and meal plan costs, and procedures for termination. Note: With the exception of students living in Albright Woods, Affinity Houses, or Rockland Hall, meal plans are required for all students living on-campus. For more information regarding Albright’s residential policy, see section VI. General College Policies.
  1. Repairs 
    Facilities Services and Operations is responsible maintaining on-campus and College-managed residential facilities. Requests for repairs should be made through a facilities work order request, found at Emergency repairs should be reported to Facilities Services and Operations (610-921-7520) during normal business hours or the Office Public Safety (610-921-7670) after hours or on weekends. For repair and replacement costs for residential areas, please refer to the Office of Residential Life’s housing lease. The cost to repair vandalism to a residential area and its furnishings will be charged to the responsible party. The party may be subject to further disciplinary action. If such damage occurs and the responsible party cannot be determined, repair costs will be prorated and assessed to all students living on/in that particular floor, suite or apartment. Other items will be assessed as damage occurs. Punitive charges may be applied when damage occurs but total replacement is not practical (i.e., burn holes or stains in flooring). Exterior damage at the Albright Woods Apartments (laundry, fences, lights, signs, lawn, driveways, and parking lots) will be assessed to all residents of the complex unless the individuals responsible for the damage are identified.
  2. Laundry 
    Laundry facilities are centrally located in each residential area. Washer and dryer services are free and available for residential student use only. For best results, follow instructions for the machines and use only high efficiency detergent. Please be courteous with other students’ personal property when using laundry facilities. The College is not responsible for any damage to laundry through student use of residential washers and dryers.
  1. Mandatory Evacuations
    Fire drills are mandated by the fire department and are conducted each semester throughout all the buildings on campus. It is necessary for each individual to evacuate for all fire safety alarms (never assume that an audible alarm is just a drill and not an emergency situation). Those who fail to exit any building when an alarm has sounded will be assessed a fine and receive disciplinary action.

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P. Student Complaint Resolution

Albright College participates in federal student aid programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. As an institution that participates in these programs we are required to have “a process to review and appropriately act on complaints concerning the institution including enforcing applicable State laws.” (Title 34 CFR §600.9). “Albright College will also make available for review to any enrolled or prospective student a copy of the documents describing the institution’s accreditation, approval of licensing” (Title 34 CFR §668.43(b).

To comply with this regulation, Albright College makes available the following information to our prospective and current students. Albright College makes every effort to handle complaint resolution internally, using our policies and procedures outlined in the Albright College Catalog and The Compass, the student handbook. The expectation is that students will utilize these procedures in a timely manner to address concerns or complaints. Additional information is provided below to assist with guidance:

  • Academic Grade Appeal: Please refer to the Albright College Catalog, Academic Dishonesty and Grade Appeals, found on the academic policies website. 
  • Academic Honesty Violations: Please refer to the Albright College Catalog, Academic Dishonesty and Grade Appeals, found on the academic policies website.
  • Non-Academic Complaints: Refers to incidents of unprofessional behavior or other complaints that are not of a grading concern. Contact the Academic Affairs Office if the complaint involves a faculty member. Contact the Human Resources Office if the complaint involves an administrative team member.
  • Disability Services: Institutions of higher education have the obligation to make informed decisions about accommodations. These decisions may not always agree with recommendations from outside professionals or with prior Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs) and 504 plans. Students who do not agree with the accommodation decisions of the Student Accessibility & Advocacy Office (SAA) should follow the grievance procedure found on the SAA website.
  • Harassment or Discrimination: Complaints alleging hate/bias incidents should be addressed to the Department of Public Safety in writing. The written complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate office: for a student it will be sent to community standards; for an employee to human resources and for a faculty member to the provost. The Public Safety Office can be reached at (610) 921-7670.
  • Title IX: In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits a college from discrimination based on sex, Albright College does not discriminate on the basis of sex or gender in its educational programs or activities. Information can be found on the Title IX notification.
  • Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords students certain rights with respect to their educational records. More information about Albright College’s FERPA policy along with information on filing a FERPA complaint can be found on the Registrar’s website.
  • Criminal Activity: Complaints involving matters of a criminal nature should be directed to the Albright College Public Safety office at (610) 921-2381.
  • Grievance Form: If a student has not reached resolution by addressing a complaint or concern through the leadership of the department or area involved or through the channels listed above they may file a grievance using an online form found here will need to authenticate their identity online. The will not be able to make anonymous complaints. Contact will be made with the student who files the grievance within 10 days of filing. Complaints and resolution will be kept on file with the institution for seven years from point of filing, or until a student graduates if longer than seven years beyond the complaint.

In the unlikely event that an issue cannot be resolved by the College, students may file a complaint with their respective State Licensing Authority. For residential students taking courses on-campus, the Pennsylvania Department of Education — Postsecondary and Adult Education would be the applicable agency.

Division of Higher & Career Education
Pennsylvania Department of Education-Postsecondary and Adult Education
333 Market Street, 12th Fl.
Harrisburg, PA 17126-0333
tel: (717) 783-8228
fax: (717) 722-3622

Unresolved complaints may also be filed with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
Middle States Commission on Higher Education
3624 Market Street, Second Floor West
Philadelphia, PA 19104
tel: (267) 284-5000

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Q. Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides Albright students with the opportunity to enhance their academic careers. The peer tutoring program and academic coaching offer students avenues to succeed at a higher level in their coursework while attending Albright. The SSC is committed to helping students through group work and one-on-one consultation. By collaborating closely with students’ faculty and academic advisers, and with other support units like the Writing Center and Success Coaches, the SSC helps provide a clear path to academic planning and success.

Peer tutoring is available for many 100-200 level courses for up to two hours per week. Students work with a peer tutor to review course content, discuss questions, prepare for upcoming tests and assignments. Most tutors will have successfully completed the course and therefore will be able to provide additional insight and success strategies. Request a Tutor

An academic support meeting provides a one on one meeting with an Success Coach to discuss academic success strategies, such as, managing your time, study tips, class preparation techniques, effective communication, connection with other resources on campus, and any other academic support needs.

The SSC is located in Teel Hall, room 309A. The office is open Monday through Friday 8:30am-4:30pm, phone number 610-921-7662 and email:  Visit the SSC website here.

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R. The Writing Center

The Writing Center is another important academic support resource on campus. The Writing Center is staffed by certified peer tutors and a professional staff member who provide one-on-one consultations, for all writers, at any stage of the writing process and for all courses. Both in-person and online sessions are available. Unlike copyeditors who simply correct grammar and style errors, writing consultants actively engage writers in meaningful conversations about their texts, helping writers discover, for themselves, how to improve their own work.  Writing tutors can also guide students in approaches to college-level reading. The Writing Center is located in the Campus Student Center (near Jake’s Place).  Appointments can be made through our online appointment system at If you have questions, please visit the center, email, or call 610-921-7540.

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