Public Safety Minor Registration Form – Albright College

Public Safety Minor Registration Form

Part 1: Activity Coordinator (Primary Albright College Contact Overseeing Activity)

Part 2: Program Information

Estimated number of minors

Part 3: Authorized Adults

PEBC Authorized Adults Template

All individuals participating in the activity are required to have fully complied with state law and Albright College policy concerning Background Checks/Clearances and Protection of Minors/Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse Training.

Please complete the Excel template linked above and email to for all individuals who will have any interaction with minors during the activity.

A few notes about this process:

  1. Carefully consider the question “Is this individual expected to participate in the activity as part of their employment with Albright College? This will help our team distinguish if the individual needs clearances for employee or volunteer purposes.” If involvement in this activity is part of an employee’s paid job, clearances for employment purposes are needed if not already on file. If the individual is unpaid or the activity is above and beyond their paid job description, the individual will need clearances for volunteer purposes. (Clearances obtained for employment purposes may be used for volunteer purposes but not vice versa.)
  2. Please note that your cost center will incur the cost of any clearances not already on file with Human Resources. Human Resources is not able to run the process without a cost center. If you’re unsure what your cost center is, ask your supervisor or financial manager.
  3. If there are individuals who you believe might be exempt from needing the PEBC based on their very limited role, please make a note on the tracker or email clearly explaining their role. Human Resources will gather additional information if necessary and make a determination.

Part 4: Approvals

By selecting this checkbox, I verify that I, the Activity Coordinator, have reviewed and approved this activity.
By selecting this checkbox, I verify that this activity has been reviewed and approved by the dean/department head (enter name of dean/department head and date of approval below).