Anti-Hazing Act Report – Albright College

Anti-Hazing Act Report

*updated as of 1/3/2024


Subject Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
Details On April 28, 2022, a report was filed to the Greek Life Coordinator regarding allegations of hazing by Alpha Delta Pi sorority. The complainants alleged that new sorority members were conducting initiation activities that included consuming alcohol. College official conducted an investigation and found various sorority members to be in violation of anti-hazing policies as well as some National Greek Life policies
Sanctions The organization was placed on a year probation, must have advisors present at any functions, and will participate in a hazing workshop.



Subject Football Team
Details On August 10, 2021, a parent of freshman football player reported that the player had experienced hazing.  The parent did not report who allegedly engaged in the hazing activity and did not describe the alleged hazing activity.  The College made multiple requests to the parent and student for additional information about the alleged incident, but no response was received from them.  Due to the lack of information, the investigation was closed without anyone being charged with a hazing violation and with no finding that a hazing violation occurred.
Sanctions N/A


No violations reported.


No violations reported.


Subject Sigma Kappa Sorority
Details Sigma Kappa for violating Sigma Kappa’s Hazing Policy – member(s) hazing by alcohol. Charged with violation by Sigma Kappa National Council along with support from Albright College on 11/13/2018. Allegation was reported to Albright College officials in Oct. 2018 and was then reported to Sigma Kappa National Headquarters for investigations on Oct. 25 2018. Investigation took place and the Sorority and several members were found to have violated Sigma Kappa’s hazing policies and State law.
Sanctions A complete conduct and membership review of all collegiate members occurred in early November and membership was removed for individuals found not compliant with chapter values and policies through the review. Chapter was placed on national council probation, level two, until December 31, 2019 and is on social probation through May 2019.


No violations reported.


No violations reported.


No violations reported.


No violations reported.