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Student Testimonials

“Hello my Name is Antwan. Coming into my first semester of college I was very nervous and was unsure of what to expect, especially because I also would be playing football at Albright. Initially, it took me a little time to be comfortable, but with the help of my teammates, they helped me settle down in what felt like a new world, that being college. As I finally felt like I was in a groove as far as meeting new people, there was still an area in which I struggled, and that was finding a steady balance in doing my work, football, and having a social life all at the same time. When I had initially received emails about the Office of Student Success, I kind of brushed them off and thought nothing of it, but when i was later advised by a coach to visit them, I then realized how helpful they were. I would go to my Student Success Specialist once a week, and she’d help me develop a set schedule that I could follow that helped make things less stressful as far as work, but that also allowed me to be able to maintain a social life. Through all the difficulties I might’ve faced during my first year of college, whether self inflicted or not, with a little hard work of my own along with the help from the Office of Student Success, I was able to finish my first year with a 3.0. Without the help of Mrs. Vacek and the Office of Student Success, I’m not sure I would’ve finished as well as I did through having to adjust to online schooling in the Spring Semester. ” -Antwan Rogers, Student Athlete (Football)

“Having a Student Success Specialist my freshman year was truly helpful with goal planning, time management, and the overall adjustment into college. I can definitely say having a Student Success Specialist and meeting to check in supported my drive to do better and use the help that’s offered on campus, especially with having Jason Deitz as my Student Success Specialist. He kept me on track with confidence in my work and pushing myself to do better in class. For example, I previously had a professor my first semester from whom I received a B, and in the spring semester I was nervous to have the same professor again. However, in meeting with Jason I strove to stay on top of the class and made goals. I ended this class with an A and my Medieval history class with a B, which was a goal we also discussed. In conclusion, I believe that not only Jason, but Student Success Specialists altogether, are very helpful to students, guide us, and impact our success.” -Student, Class of 2023

“Working with my Student Success Specialist this year has had many pros. It gave me more confidence and motivation in wanting to do my work and complete it on time. I also felt more encouraged to use Albright’s resources, such as the Writing Center, tutoring, the ALC, and many more. Overall, I just became a much better person within myself and my work. I am very thankful for Jason Deitz and his hard work in getting me to become academically successful.” -Student, Class of 2023

“Working with my Student Success Specialist has helped me tremendously throughout my freshman year! I received so many helpful tips on how to improve the way I study, and it showed an improvement on my exams and papers. I highly recommend going to one if you need help or if you need someone to talk to if you have any problems!” -Student, Class of 2023

“I went to see Jason Deitz around the beginning of the semester seeking help on how to study for Psychology tests and quizzes. Ever since middle school I never studied because I could never find a method that would help me succeed. After a few conversations with Jason, we discovered that my method of learning was similar to his, and we were able to find a way of studying that helped me do well on tests.This method made my brain think that I wasn’t really studying even though I was.” -Student, Class of 2023


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