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Event Calendar

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All workshops will take place in Roessner Room 204.


Self-Care: How Will You Stay Well? Presented by Robin Vacek

Wednesday, September 11th  4-5pm

This workshop explores and normalizes health and wellness issues and their connection to academic success. Exercises and discussion will help students feel empowered about personal wellness efforts and present self-care as a framework to continue building and expanding their wellness activities and resiliency.


What’s Your Purpose? Staying Motivated Presented by Sharmon Bryant

Thursday, October 3rd 4-5pm

Everyone attends college for different reasons. This presentation will identify both intrinsic and extrinsic factors that will help define your purpose and keep you motivated throughout your college career.


Brands =Band$ (How to Show Them Who You Really Are) Presented by Dominique Washington

Monday, October 7th 4-5pm

This presentation will focus on how a student can create, and elevate their personal brand while attending Albright College. This presentation will focus on the extra-curricular options to help build a co-curricular transcript and to help identify the transferable skills that these activities will provide them.  This presentation will look at multiple facets including social media presence.



Please check back regularly, as more sessions will be scheduled soon.

Hosted AAC&U Webinars

Each webinar runs for 1 hour, with the last half hour dedicated to a follow up discussion.

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September 192:00 – 3:30 PMTeel Hall, Room 309 B The Confounding Promise of Community: Why it Matters More than Ever for Student Success 
September 252:00 – 3:30 PMTeel Hall, Room 309 BAdding VALUE: How AAC&U’s Signature Approach to Assessment Can Improve Teaching, Learning, and Student Success
October 223:00 – 4:30 PMTeel Hall, Room 309 BStrategies for Supporting Faculty Planning to Advance Curricular Coherence: Four Case Studies
October 302:00 – 3:30 PMTeel Hall, Room 309 BThe Emerging Landscape of Learning: A Review of Five Years of AAC&U’s VALUE Initiative
November 141:30 – 3:00 PMTeel Hall, Room 309 BFostering Civic Consciousness through Creativity-Based Pedagogy
December 112:00 – 3:30 PMTeel Hall, Room 309 BSTEM Matters: The Formula for Driving Innovation

Also see our AAC&U Webinar Schedule Flyer.

Training Sessions on High Impact Practices (HIPs)

Please check back regularly, as these training sessions will be scheduled soon.