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Academic Support Services

Welcome to the Academic Support Programs and Services page!  Albright College provides many services to support student success.  On this page, you will find links to some key offices and services whose faculty and professional staff can help you make the most of your academic experience at Albright.  The links below will lead you to information about:

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Academic Advising

The faculty advising system is a crucial and integral part of an Albright education. The advising process helps you as a student to plan and complete an academic program that satisfies your individual needs and goals. Your adviser can help you to understand the value of a liberal arts education and to explore the relationships among your academic coursework, your personal goals, and the opportunities and responsibilities of the larger world, including the world of work.  If you have questions, contact Dr. Anne Coleman.

The Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) main office is located in Teel Hall, room 309A. This office offers a range of academic services, including peer tutoring in many 100-200 general education courses, academic skills support, and academic counseling for students with academic concerns. If you have questions, contact the Student Success Center.

The Writing Center

In Albright’s Writing Center, academic support for writing is freely available to both traditional and post-traditional students.  The Writing Center peer tutors and faculty coordinator can assist your growth as a writer in any course, whether you are brainstorming a topic, trying to create an initial draft, or working on the nuances of a final draft. The Writing Center can also help you prepare for presentations or develop college-level reading skills. If you have questions, contact the Writing Center.

The Experiential Learning and Career Development Center 

The Experiential Learning and Careeer Development Center (ELCDC) offers a variety of services for students, alumni and employer. The Center assists students in exploring majors, careers, and experiential learning opportunities that enhance Albright’s core learning goal of “engaging the world.” Experiential learning is a “hands-on” approach to education that is personally relevant and connected to students’ academic learning objectives. Albright students participate in experiences such as internships, study abroad/off-campus study, service learning, and undergraduate research.  The career development process helps students make meaning from their experiences and education, leading to greater personal satisfaction and professional success. If you have questions, please send  email to

Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research Opportunities, and the Honors Program all offer opportunities that will enhance student learning and provide crucial skills that are so important for success in life and career.  All of these programs are managed by the ELCDC. If you have questions, contact Kim Justeson in the ELCDC.

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