Executive Summary

In developing and supporting all institutional goals and initiatives, the leadership of the College will be guided by the following strategic priorities:

  • Foster Academic Excellence
  • Strengthen Our Learning Community
  • Increase Development and Stewardship of Resources

We firmly believe that all of our plans should be submitted to one overarching question: “How do we enhance the educational experience for our students?”

These strategic priorities reflect our recognition of the need for continuous refinement within higher education, in and out of the classroom. This plan is structured to promote constructive change by bolstering areas of strength, rewarding strategic thinking, encouraging collaborative work, and promoting timely and data-driven decision making. Always guided by our mission and our confidence in the enduring value of the liberal arts and sciences, we are also aware of and responsive to the changing needs of our students and the world in which they will live, work, learn, and serve. We must be mindful of the competitive environment in which we operate and develop initiatives that enhance the college’s capacity to respond creatively to changing needs of society while being true to our mission, vision, and values.

Successfully completing these goals and initiatives will result in an improved academic experience for our students; confident, supportive, and more connected alumni with an even greater ability to contribute to their local and global communities; and a greener, healthier, and more sustainable physical environment in which careful stewardship of resources is a priority.

Realizing that all strategic plans are dynamic, a regular and deliberate review will occur to assess progress as well as changes in internal and external circumstances. Updates to this strategic plan will then be made accordingly.

Strategic Priorities, Goals, Initiatives

Foster Academic Excellence

In order to provide a transformational educational experience for all of our students, we focus our resources and energies on assuring that all academic programs are of the highest possible quality; we are committed to excellence in all academic matters, including student learning, faculty scholarship, and campus dialogue. Our academic offerings reflect our mission, are responsive to changing interests of prospective students and the needs of our world, and build on areas of strength and competitive advantage.

Our vision of academic excellence begins with a timeless liberal arts foundation that instills skills that cross disciplines and are vital for responsible and effective citizenship. This vision extends to connecting learning to experiences and communities beyond the classroom. We foster interdisciplinary collaboration and integrative investigation between peoples and disciplines.

Albright supports academic excellence by strategic capital investments essential to a strong learning environment. We also provide support for faculty professional development, teaching resources, academic program development, and scholarship funding, as well as policies and programs that enable faculty members to achieve a rewarding work-life balance. Campus-wide improvements of facilities, classrooms, technology, and laboratories, further demonstrate this commitment.

Strengthen Our Learning Community

As a residential, liberal arts college, we believe that an essential dimension of our commitment to academic excellence, dynamic leadership, and service to others is community-based learning that seeks to better our city, our region, and our world. We know that our most successful students are those who become deeply immersed not only in their studies but also in a variety of experiences and relationships beyond the classrooms. Albright’s deliberate, distinctive engagement with our neighbors locally and our alumni worldwide encourages our students to be responsible citizens who are well-rounded, confident, open-minded, and adaptable to change. The College is committed to providing a wide range of such experiences and opportunities to support and enrich the total educational experience, as well as the programs, facilities, and technologies to make them happen.

These enriching experiences include a robust intercollegiate athletic program that is guided by the principles and values of the NCAA Division III as well as the philosophy shared by the Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC), with which the College is affiliated. A rich array of arts programming and numerous additional extracurricular and co-curricular opportunities, including more than 60 student-run clubs and organizations, as well as a nationally recognized student theater program, allow for considerable learning and leadership development beyond the classroom. Our affiliation with the United Methodist Church reflects our commitment to service, justice, compassion, and renewal of society.

Increase Development and Stewardship of Resources

Effective and efficient management incorporates defined responsibilities, accountability, and timely decision making, resulting in successful implementation of ideas and needed change. The process of balancing interests, time, and talents of all provides strong leadership opportunities and supports a dynamic campus. We are committed to being good stewards of our human resources by supporting our faculty and staff so that they find the College a fulfilling place to work.

Acquiring and managing critical resources necessary to meet future challenges require investment and discipline, as well as cooperation and support across all constituencies. Albright’s resource management is grounded in responsible stewardship of assets that the College holds in trust for the next generation and for the benefit of the larger society that we serve. This requires us to balance mission and markets, past and present, continuity and change. Although we cannot ignore the constant blur of change that defines our lives, neither can we lightly abandon the experience of tested methods and values to the latest fads that fade almost before we can fully digest their alleged virtues. Striking the correct balance is always one of the defining challenges of our work.

We seek opportunities for more cost-effectively providing quality services to students, faculty, and staff. We are committed to continuous improvement in our outreach and advancement efforts with a primary focus on alumni and student engagement, and we actively seek to increase philanthropic support, contain costs, and generate new sources of revenue.

Implementation, Assessment, and Revision

In an effort to achieve an integration of planning, budget, and assessment, we will develop divisional and departmental operational plans that will articulate the procedures and timelines by which each of these initiatives will be achieved. Also included will be the person(s) responsible for execution of the steps needed to achieve each initiative. Strategic indicators to assess the extent to which each initiative has been attained will be developed, and the strategic plan will be reviewed for progress and updated on a regular basis.