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Find your spark

What does it mean when we say that Albright experiences are designed to help you find your spark? How can you become an agent for change in the world? Listen in as Albright students and alumni share their experiences.

Spark experiences

“I knew going in to Albright that I wanted to incorporate both English and computer science. I saw the co-major program, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s actually kind of perfect for me.”Abigail Lopez ’24

“Albright instilled in me a need to connect with others and not be afraid to cross boundaries. Whether inside the classroom or outside, it is essential to recognize the worth of another person and take the opportunity to learn from one another.”Jazer Willis ’22, political science/religious studies

“The ACRE program gave me a real advantage when I started working in the lab at Cleveland Clinic. It helped set me up for academic research.” —  Elizabeth Rohde ’17, biology/biotechnology, pre-med

“We’re more than a school. We’re family.”

“You can be involved in as much as you want here.”

“We all support each other. All of the other sports come to our games and we do the same, we’ll go to all of their games and be the loudest ones in the stadium.”

Bridge the gap between your high school hopes and future aspirations.

It’s time to make a difference in the world. Be innovative, be creative, and be a solution to global challenges. After graduation, you’ll discover that median income levels of Albright alumni outpace the earnings of graduates from most other private and public colleges. So get out there! Engage the world, understand the world, and be prepared to make an impact though an Albright College education.