Student-driven experiences – Albright College

Forge your own path

Forge your own path through student-driven learning experiences — and focus the flame by connecting your passions in faculty-led experiences. 

Don’t wait for graduate school to begin original research, or to be a top 10% presenter at a national meeting of the American Chemical Society. At Albright, you’ll be challenged to work closely with faculty in exploration of new and often challenging ideas through a variety of lab and field techniques.

Gain real work experience

Albright's award-winning Experiential Learning and Career Development Center assists students and alumni in exploring employment and internship opportunities — as well as study abroad, independent research and service learning experiences.

Not your average research opportunities

Don't wait until grad school to take on real research. At Albright, students can conduct research or pursue creative endeavors outside of regular semester sessions through Albright Creative Research Experience (ACRE) projects. ACRE proposals that are accepted by a faculty review board are funded by college stipends.


Get credit for attending cultural events

As part of the Albright curriculum, you'll earn credit for attending a dozen cultural and academic events that range from exhibitions to concerts, theatrical performances and lectures on our campus. The result is a student-driven learning experience in which each students choose their own adventure. See upcoming Experience Events

“Working one-on-one with my professor was an experience that has taught me so much more than a semester of a class could ever teach me. I definitely feel so much more confident in what I learned and what I researched now than at the beginning of the project. Somewhere in those six weeks I got a really firm grasp of what we were doing and became really invested and knowledgeable about the topic. After completing this project, I know that I can go to my professor with help for anything.” — Evan Carr ’22, ACRE researcher


“As I was conducting research at the Albright Early Learning Center, I remembered thinking, ‘this is what I want to do. This is a new pathway I hadn’t thought about before.”Sarah Hohl, child development/Spanish co-major

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