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Faculty-led innovation

The goals of Albright’s General Education curriculum are to help students know the world, engage the world and understand the world through scaffolding courses that build on each other as you progress through your college journey. These courses begin with a First Year Seminar and end with a Synthesis course that integrates learning from other courses and Experience events. Along the way, you’ll earn certificates to build your resume.

Built in opportunities

You’ll gain deeper knowledge at Albright because every class offers a built-in opportunity to think and act creatively, critically and innovatively. Actively apply classroom theory in a laboratory or studio. Some Albright students take part in real patient interaction long before becoming a doctor. Others study the culture of Costa Rica as part of a language course. And physics students design and build prototypes to create new technology.

Working side-by-side with doctors, students in Albright’s Scribes Program get a jump on medical school.

“I think I am where I am now because I had that time and space to explore both who I was as a person, but also what I was really interested in, and to pursue multiple things simultaneously in both an academic and extracurricular sense,”Brent Mittelstadt, Ph.D. ’07, associate professor and director of research at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Meet Our Faculty

“My favorite thing about teaching sociology is teaching students to see things they already see — in a different way.” – Beth Kiester, Ph.D., sociology

“One of the most gratifying things about being a professor is having the ability to push students to success and have them recognize their highest potential.” – Carla Abodalo, crime & justice

“I think students recognize my excitement because my eyes light up and I get excited.” – Rick Schott, MBA, business

“The fashion industry is very competitive. So I set specific goals, and I help them to achieve these goals in order to prepare them for the professional environment. – MeeAe Oh-Ranck, fashion