Personal success coach – Albright College

Your academic journey

The primary goal of Albright's orientation program is to acclimate new students to all aspects of Albright’s campus. You'll start the journey and make connections with classmates, teachers and staff well before classes begin. You'll be introduced to resources that will aid in your transition to college academics, residential living, athletics and other student involvement initiatives.

Your personal four-year success coach

In addition to your faculty mentor and Albright’s award-winning  Experiential Learning & Career Development Center professionals, you'll benefit from a personal success coach who will continue to help you to navigate college and stay on track.


“Albright has helped me to achieve my goals, even when I didn’t know what my goals were. I’m very grateful for everything that Albright has given me and my family and all the opportunities that I’ve had.”Diza Hasanaj ’22 business administration: finance and French co-major.

“Albright’s my family. The people here look out for you. Albright is a unique community and understands that all the students who attend are unique, too. Don’t just find a school. Find family.” — Autumn Blalock, theatre and psychology co-major

“I was a commuter student, but I practically lived on campus. When I was at Albright, I used any and all resources available, and I can’t say enough about all the people who were willing to help me. I’d encourage any student to do the same.” — Stephanie Michel ’17, psychology, public health, CDC Public Health Advisor and COVID-19 Response Team


Power of a small campus