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Welcome to Albright College

You have a head start on your college search

Congratulations! It’s great to see you checking out Albright early in your college search, and we’re happy to help you learn all there is to know. Feel free to browse our site: we’ve compiled a few key links below that we thought would be of interest. And, make sure to fill out the mini-form so you can stay up to date on our campus.

As you click through the site, you will see pop-up chat boxes to help you connect with real Albright students (or check them all out on our student chat page). Take advantage of this; our Albrightians love to talk to prospective students and a peer perspective is always the best perspective.


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Albright College is passionate about educating students who are curious and determined, and we are committed to making your college path accessible and affordable. We love to see our students exceed their own expectations. By beginning your search now, you’ve already begun to do so. We hope to see you soon! Visit us!