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Albright College Social Media

Albright’s primary @albrightcollege social media accounts are maintained by the college’s Communications Division.

“College-affiliated” sites are social media accounts that publicly represent specific campus groups, such as academic departments or student organizations. All college-affiliated social media pages, accounts and feeds are required to register with the Communications Division, and follow college guidelines. Please fill out the form on this page and follow the guidelines below for any Albright social media presence.

Steps to create new college-affiliated social media sites:

  1. Determine who will administer and manage the new site(s). Student organizations should include an adviser as one of the site administrators.
  2. Determine content types, and how often the site will be updated. Social media sites should not be created for the sole purpose of event promotion. See “Instagram Best Practices” below for some helpful tips.
  3. Have a conversation with the Communications Division about your content strategy and social media best practices.
  4. Complete the form below for each new account

College-affiliated account holders are required to update the Communications Division whenever there is an account holder change

All fields below are required.

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Please enter the red character in the following image:Red letter R

Instagram Best Practices

Use a brand-approved icon

Write a brand-appropriate bio, targeted to your audience

Include a link to your Albright website

Utilize the #AbrightCollege hashtag for maximum audience reach

Focus posts on appealing imagery

  • Refrain from poster-like images that are text heavy
  • Use the post description area for your message

Do not use links in Instagram post descriptions (they are not “clickable”). Instead:

  • Update your profile website link (the only “clickable” link on your page)
  • Include a note, such as “link in bio” in your post
  • Change the link back after an appropriate amount of time

Avoid over or under posting on your page

  • Aim for one post per day to one post every five days

Utilize your “story”

  • Add posts to your story, or share appropriate posts to your story from other accounts
  • There is no limit to how often you should post to your story

Respond to comments on your posts when appropriate

  • Actively follow your followers back – but use discretion. Avoid following erroneous or inappropriate accounts
  • Avoid argumentative responses.
  • Do not delete public comments unless they are blatant advertising or are in conflict with college community standards (such as profane, sexual or racist comments).
  • When in doubt, reach out to the Communications Division for guidance.

Albright-affiliated social media sites

Wondering if your Albright-affiliated group already has a presence on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram? YouTube? This directory lists registered college-affiliated sites.