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Adult Learner in Class at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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Get the flexibility you need to fit your education in with your life. Albright’s School of Professional Studies accommodates the needs of today’s adult learners with accelerated five-week graduate courses, seven-and-a-half-week undergraduate classes and online options. Plus, with multiple start dates per year, you can easily take a semester off and pick back up the next time around.

The application process is just as simplified, and you’ll have access to personal support should you have any questions about deadlines, admission requirements, or specifics about our school.

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Adult Learner in hands on setting at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

What is an adult learner?

An adult learner is anyone who is at least 21 years of age, a veteran/active-duty service member, or someone who assumes multiple adult roles and responsibilities regardless of educational background.

Whether you are looking to advance your career or start on a whole new journey, Albright School of Professional Studies will help set you on the road to success with flexible options and accelerated tracks to obtaining your degree.

“SPS offers a top-quality, flexible educational experience that meets the needs of post-traditional learners.”   – Laura Gelety, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, SPS

Explore our Accelerated Degrees and Certificates

Albright offers accelerated undergraduate degrees in accounting, applied psychology and business administration as well as master’s degrees in applied psychology, athletic leadership and education.

If you are interested in earning a professional certification, we have certificate programs in accounting, addictions studies, digital marketing and sales, educational innovation and entrepreneurship and music production.


Let’s Talk: One-On-One Admission Help

Want to learn more about our courses of study in the SPS? Have questions regarding admission? Want to learn about your financial aid options? Whatever answers you need, we’re here to help. We encourage you to reach out to Albright’s SPS advisors at the email address below. Or feel free to call us at 1-888-253-8851 or 610-921-7799.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial aid available for the School of Professional Studies?
Yes, financial aid is available to qualifying students in the School of Professional Studies.

Are scholarships available for the School of Professional Studies?
Yes, our SPS students are eligible for scholarship awards.


How many units can I transfer?
You may transfer in a maximum of 18 course credits (units) from a community college or 23 credits from a four-year institution.

Is my associate’s degree transferrable?
Many associate’s degrees transfer fully to Albright’s programs and garner automatic program acceptance.

What documentation do I need for my application?
At the time you complete your online application, no additional documentation is necessary.

What key dates and deadlines do I need to know?
Albright’s accelerated undergraduate and certificate programs feature five seven-and-a-half-week semesters, which can be started six times each year (two start dates in the fall, two in the spring and two in the summer). Graduate programs offer accelerated five-week semesters, which begin eight times per year (three in fall and spring and two in the summer).

What is the cost for the School of Professional Studies?
The price per course (unit) is $1,561 for undergraduate degrees and certificates/minors. Graduate degree courses are $1,510. There are no additional fees. Books are not included in the price.


Justin Dahlin
Assistant Dean, School of Professional Studies
610-921-7586 – Call


Angela Gonzalez-Walker
Assistant Director of Enrollment Management
484-650-3436 – call/text


Debi McIntyre
Academic Coach
484-514-9782 – call/text



Janelle M. Bentz
Operations Coordinator
610-921-7799 – call