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Graduate Education Programs

An SPS student interacting with a faculty member at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Whether you’re looking to pursue your master’s degree or you want to earn a specific teaching certificate, Albright’s School of Professional Studies gives you the opportunity to reach your goals. Our accelerated five-week semesters mean you can complete your degree in a little more than a year. And because our classes are fully online, we make it easier to balance your studies with your already busy life.

We also make it more affordable. All classes are priced at $1,450 – the exact “grad match” amount the state of Pennsylvania will reimburse teachers. With no additional fees, your Albright education will cost you virtually nothing.

Internships Offer Valuable Hands-On Learning

In addition to your online coursework, you will also engage in an immersive internship. Here, you can apply what you learn in a real-life classroom setting, work with students and solve problems on the spot. Your Albright internship will prepare you well for the next step in your successful career. Sources: and

Average salary for a teacher holding a master’s degree

3-4% increase
Expected job growth for teachers K-12 (2018-2028)

5-14% pay increase
For teachers who earn their master’s degree

Our Programs

Graduate Education Degree Options
At Albright College, you can pursue a Master of Arts degree or a Master of Science degree in the concentration of general education.

Master’s: Education
Master’s: Education in PreK-4
Master’s: Education in Secondary Education
Master’s: Education in Special Education
Master’s: Education w/Teacher Certification in PreK-4
Master’s: Education w/Teacher Certification in K-12
Master’s: Education w/Teacher Certification in Secondary Ed
Master’s: Education w/Teacher Certification in Special Ed K-12

Postbaccalaureate Teaching Certificates
Teacher certification courses are graduate level and are credited to the master’s degree. We also offer a master’s program with teacher certification embedded within it. In addition, we welcome candidates who want only a teaching certificate or who are current teachers looking to pursue a master’s degree. All of our graduate courses qualify for ACT 48 credit.

Art K-12
Biology 7-12
Chemistry 7-12
Physics 7-12
English 7-12
French K-12
Spanish K-12
Latin 7-12
Mathematics 7-12
Social Studies History Concentration 7-12
Social Studies Political Science Concentration 7-12
Special Education K-12

Provisional Status

You may be granted provisional status if you are denied initial admission to the degree program but want to enroll in graduate courses. Specific requirements must be met before full admission is granted.

Nondegree Status

You may be declared non-degree status if you apply for graduate study but do not plan to work toward a graduate degree. This status is typically reserved for students taking courses for professional development who may want to transfer to another institution or who want to maintain certification in their fields. Applicants for non-degree status are required to verify receipt of baccalaureate degrees by submitting a transcript.

Go Straight to the Head of the Class

Now more than ever, the need for professional educators is critical to helping future generations grow into compassionate leaders. With a degree from Albright’s SPS, you’ll be among some of the best and brightest educators in the country who have the skills to engage learners of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses do I need to take? How long does this take?
The complete graduate education program is 10 courses in duration. Each class lasts five weeks.

Can I transfer classes?
Yes! You may transfer in a maximum of six credits.

How much does it cost?
The price per course is $1,450 with no additional fees. Books are not included in this price.

When can I start?
There are eight opportunities throughout the year to begin this master’s program in the School of Professional Studies – three in the fall, three in the spring and two in the summer.

What happens when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania makes changes to Master of Education programs?
The education department is aware of programmatic changes by the Commonwealth and is prepared to incorporate these changes into our program. We are committed to working with each student individually to complete their degree.

a SPS graduate working in a classroom setting.

Internships give you the real-world experience you need to succeed in the classroom.

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