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Accelerated Degree Programs Drop/Withdrawal Refund Policy

Change in Enrollment Form ReceivedTuition RefundGrade on Transcript
Prior to scheduled second night of class100%, textbook fee appliesDrop, Course/Grade will not appear on transcript
Prior to scheduled third night of class75% refund, no textbook fee appliesWithdrawal, Course/W will appear on transcript
Prior to scheduled fourth night of class0% refund, no textbook fee appliesWithdrawal, Course/W will appear on transcript
On the final day of last scheduled class0% refund, no textbook fee appliesWithdrawal Fail (WF) will appear on transcript

Your change in enrollment status may have an impact on your financial aid and/or veterans benefits.  Please contact the Financial Aid office at 610-921-7515 for more information.

If you are dropping or withdrawing from a course within your major, please be advised that it may be a prerequisite for upcoming courses in your major.  Janelle Bentz, Operations Coordinator of ADP, will contact you with more information regarding making this course up with another cohort.

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* Is this a permanent withdrawal or do you intend to continue your education at Albright College in the future? 

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* I understand the potential financial and academic implications listed above regarding withdrawing from my course(s) and/or the program at this time.

If you have any questions regarding drops or withdrawals, please contact Janelle Bentz at or 610-921-7594.

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