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Associate to Master’s

Multiple degrees in less time and for less money

Albright College’s innovative pathway is the first of its kind to empower adults to earn multiple degrees at a top-ranked institution in about two years — faster and for less than a bachelor’s degree alone at other colleges.

Accelerate your path to graduation with credit for work or military experience, foreign language skills or professional certifications.

Complete a Bachelor’s and Master’s for the cost of one degree at another college. Financial aid is available.

Innovative transfer model empowers community college graduates to earn a bachelor’s degree in just two semesters.

Personalize your studies. Take one class at a time. Designed for working adults. Earn certificates as you go.

Make the impossible possible!

Combine our Interdisciplinary Studies major with a master’s degree for a return on investment that far outpaces the pack. Available options include:

Sample Curriculum Plan


Stackable credentials

Our innovative Associate’s to Master’s degree completion pathway allows you to earn credentials quickly. If you already have an Associate’s degree, you’ll be able to earn a certificate, a Bachelor’s degree, a graduate certificate and a Master’s degree in just two and a half years. Through this empowering learning you’ll gain new skills quickly and maximize your marketability to advance your career.

Top 31 Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S. for Social Mobility – U.S. News and World Report, 2024

Frequently asked questions

How will I know what classes I can combine into my major?
Your dedicated Albright academic coach will guide you through the process, as will the academic program chairs who are faculty with professional and or business experience.

How many courses do I need to take? How long does this take?
The complete Bachelor of Science degree is 31 courses (units) in duration. Each class lasts seven and a half weeks. You may transfer in a maximum of 20 courses (units) from another institution. If a student has earned an associate degree and transfers those credits into this program, they will need to complete 6 – 11 courses to earn a bachelor’s degree.

The master’s program is an additional 10 course units. Therefore, a student with an associate degree may be able to complete a master’s program through as few as 16 – 21 courses at Albright.

If I do not complete the master’s, will I still earn the bachelor’s degree?
Absolutely. Each credential is awarded separately and you first earn the bachelor’s and then the master’s degree.

Are students allowed to begin a new program? Or is this just for completing degrees?
Students are able to both start a program from scratch and complete a degree already in progress.

Can I take these courses online?
Yes, courses are fully online to fit your busy schedule.

How much does the program cost?
The price per undergraduate course (unit) is $1,592 or $393 per course credit. Similarly, graduate course (unit) tuition is $1,540 or $513.33 per credit. This cost is inclusive, so there are no additional fees. Books will be a separate cost.

When can I start?
There are multiple opportunities throughout the year to begin undergraduate programs in the School of Professional Studies. There are two start dates in the fall, two in the spring and two in the summer.

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