Resources for Graduate Programs in Education | Albright College

Resources for Graduate Programs in Education

The Education Department at Albright College is housed in Harry V. Masters Hall. The current teaching facilities in this building include eight classrooms, two lab classrooms, one seminar room (dedicated to the Education Department), and a curriculum library and workspace.

Adjacent to Masters Hall is the Center for Computing and Mathematics which has four computer labs that are available to graduate students. There are three additional computer labs in various academic buildings. These are also available to graduate students.

The F. Wilbur Gingrich Library currently subscribes to 740 print serials, and thousands more online. The library has over 240,000 volumes in the collection and supports both library research and educational technology for the campus. The library is open 94 hours a week to support an in-depth liberal arts curriculum. In addition to a number of individual databases, the library currently subscribes to four major database vendors (FirstSearch, Ebsco, ProQuest and Lexis-Nexis) who provide many third party databases that are available to students. Some of the more prominent ones include: ERIC, Education Abstracts, PsycLit, Medline, Dissertation Abstracts, WilsonSelect, Electronic Collections Online, and Periodical Abstracts Research II. The library provides electronic access to many of the journals in print format and is a subscriber of E*Subscribe (the educational EDRS electronic access to about 80 percent of ERIC documents from 1993 forward) and the Kraus Curriculum Development Library on line to provide more depth of information for the department. For more information on library services, please visit the Undergraduate Students & Graduate Students site.

The Albright Early Learning Center, located at 3040 Kutztown Road, houses a day care center and a Pennsylvania State accredited school for special needs students.