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Facts and FAQs

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Classes meet for four hours, one night a week, leaving students free to complete the remaining coursework whenever it is most convenient for them.  Some courses are available online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A student needs 126 total college credits to graduate with an Albright College bachelor’s degree. For students in the Accelerated Degree Program, students must take 48 credits in their major and 78 credits in general studies and elective credits to satisfy the 126 total credits. The 78 credits in general studies and elective credits can be a combination of: Albright College general studies courses, approved transfer courses, CLEP examinations and Academic Credit for Experiential Learning. An Enrollment Advisor will work with you throughout your time at Albright College to develop a pathway to degree completion.

Yes. If you have the drive and commit the necessary time to accelerated learning, we believe you have a strong chance for successful completion of your degree at Albright College. Most of our majors offer a free two week non-credit workshop on prodiving or refreshing skills related to research and writing. We offer online tutoring for many accelerated courses, along with access to Albright College’s Writing Center, Experiential Learing & Career Development Center and the Albright College library. If you have commited to complete your bachelor’s degree and can set aside 15 hours per week outside of the classroom, you have a strong chance of being successful.

The program is focused on non-traditional learners, meaning that we believe in courses that are applied, many of which allow you to bring your personal, professional and life experience into the classroom. General admissions guidelines for the Albright College Accelerated Degree Programs are as follows:

  • Age 21 or older
  • 3 years work experience (volunteering and family commitments can be substituted here)
  • General Computer Proficency (see Disclosure of Technology Expectations)
  • Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.0 from previous colleges and universities (if applicable)
  • Submisison of application, essay questions
  • Submisison of all previous college transcripts (if applicable)

Albright College offers seven different starts in each academic year, where students can begin taking general studies and elective credits. Students who are considered junior level status will be notified when a cohort in their desired major/location is forming. At this point, a two year academic calendar will be given to the student, showing the next four semesters of courses in their major.

Albright College offers courses in majors are nine locations in Pennsylvania. The College also offers general studies and electives courses at five locations, as well as select general studies courses online.

The Albright College Accelerated Degree Program is a leader in nontraditional student degree completion. Many experts in higher education agree that the concept of taking courses with a consistent group of nontraditional learners (or cohort as we cll it) is a best practice for colleges and universities. Albright College also uses this model, to guarantee courses in your major run accordingly and provide you with your entire academic calendar for your major at orientation. Want to learn more? Take a look at these articles:

At Albright College, being a nontraditional student is the norm, not the exception. We understand that many of our adult learners will be attending at various locations throughout Pennsylvania, so we make the following services available to you:

  • Disability Support Office (for students with diagnosed learning and intellectual disabilities)
  • Academic Learning Center (offer evening workshops at Reading campus, available to ADP students)
  • Writing Center (face-to-face, over the phone or electronic submissions)
  • Online Tutoring (Statistics, Accounting, Natural Sciences, Economics and more are available from your computer)
  • Experiential Learning & Career Development Center
  • Library (Reading campus and access to databases/interoffice library loan for all ADP students)
  • Schumo Center for Fitness & Wellbeing (building is at the main campus in Reading, PA)

The graduation date listed on an Albright College official transcript will reflect one of three degree awarding times Albright College has each year: May, August and December. The graduation date is not the date a student’s finishes all courses required. If a student completes all requirements in advance of a graduation date and needs proof of this, the Accelerated Degree Office can generate a letter for the student for employment purposes or graduate school admittance.