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The Albright Reporter encourages letters to the editor related to issues discussed in the magazine, issues that relate to college news or policies, or that are of interest to a segment of our readership. Letters can be mailed, faxed or sent via e-mail.

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Dear Albright Reporter,

I just read the Ghost Hunters story and went online to listen to the sounds. That shriek was ridiculously scary. It is nearly 2 a.m. and I think I should have listened to that when the sun was out. I thank you for allowing that to be available!

As a student I worked in Selwyn Hall with the Center for Community Leadership. We were on the second floor where the Career Services Center is, and were moved to the third floor of Selwyn on the same floor as ...well, I don’t know what else except for the creepiest bathroom I have ever seen. My office was right across the hall from the bathroom. Let me tell you, I never felt alone in that area. There was always something there. During my sophomore year, I was getting in touch with my extrasensory side and felt the presence of a female ghost/spirit and I think she had become kind of attached to me. I left junior year to study abroad and when I came back in my senior year and resumed working there, she let me be. But, I am pretty sure she stopped by occasionally.

I miss Albright. It truly is a wonderful place. Thanks for the Reporter! This alumnus appreciates it!

Salaam Bhatti ’04

Dear Albright Reporter,

I recently read the article about the “hauntings” on campus. I graduated in 2003 and have quite a few of my own haunt stories from campus.

My major was art and digital media. When I was at Albright, we had a ghost hunting course in digital media. The year I was in that course was the same year that myself and my roommate were, for lack of better words, terrorized by something in our apartment in the Albright Woods. The events revolved around 3-3:15 a.m. and were so consistent and regular that it warranted an investigation. This investigation involved both professors at the time (Anthony Crisafulli and Matt Garrison), as well as a number of
students. We had our night vision cameras, EMF recorders, etc. and we caught many things.

The things that stood out the most and were also the most deserving of further attention were glowing orbs all throughout the room, and a distinguished male face and partial figure in the closet (which seemed to watch and follow us). We reviewed the findings in the digital media lab the following week and were amazed at the evidence we found.

Michael Penna ’03


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