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The Magazine of Albright College :: Winter 2010 | Vol . 30 No . 1

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The Albright Reporter
is published by the
College Relations Office.

Albright College
13th and Bern Streets
Reading, PA 19612-5234

Albright Reporter - Features

A River Runs
Through It

Brazil’s São Francisco
River connects history,
environment, culture and
politics, as well as Albright
professors as they explore
the river’s many gifts.

Hola, Ni hao, Hello

A professor’s dream to
introduce international
students to American students
and get them talking is born
through Language Exchange.

A Plan for

The new campus master
plan will guide campus
growth and rejuvenation.

Thinking outside the (black) box.

A new theatre project opens creative opportunities for all students.
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Ghosts at Albright?

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