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The Albright Reporter encourages letters to the editor related to issues discussed in the magazine, issues that relate to college news or policies, or that are of interest to a segment of our readership. Letters can be mailed, faxed or sent via e-mail.

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Dear Albright Reporter:

Thank you for publishing my article in the fall Reporter. I have some exciting news.

I heard from Randy Hill ’74 and he and his wife are coming to Prague on the 11th [December] so I will hopefully be catching up with them. And, I received an e-mail from Leslie Hersh ’69. She had written a letter to the Czech Republic years ago trying to locate her extended family. She received a letter back, but it was in Czech and needed someone to translate it for her. Unfortunately my Czech is nowhere near the translating level, but I work with a lot of native speakers so it wasn’t a problem.

So I just wanted to thank you. Hearing from graduates of Albright has been absolutely thrilling! I love it!

Kelly Anne Cross ’08

Dear Albright Reporter:

I really don’t consider myself a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I recently received the Reporter and was somewhat taken aback by the photography (page 10) in the “Chemistry” article. I just thought it was a little over the top for the Albright I remember. Just wondering if I was the only one with such a reaction?

Also, upon looking at some of the fine print in the Reporter I see that,“The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the College.” Shouldn’t they be?

Craig C. Sergeant ’68

Editor’s Note: It is common practice for magazines, college and otherwise, to print the disclaimer that “The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the College.” Naturally, The Albright Reporter reflects Albright’s philosophy and values, but like Albright as a whole, we also believe that colleges and universities are a forum for the exchange of ideas and civil discourse, and welcome a diversity of viewpoints. Therefore, opinions expressed by subjects of stories, or in letters or class notes, will not always coincide with official Albright positions on issues.

Dear Albright Reporter:

I just saw the fall issue of Albright’s magazine. A quick glance at the cover conveys advertising a cologne or upscale sportswear. I’m surprised that a college with such an excellent academic reputation (my roommate from graduate school is an alumna) chose to depict a professor’s work with sexually explicit imagery.

Delcy Fox, Director of Strategic Communications
and Integrated Marketing, Sienna College

Dear Albright Reporter:

I always enjoy reading articles in the Reporter, but I especially enjoyed the piece on the Albright scribes. As a former biology major who went on to medical school, it was especially interesting because it hit home for me. I was one of the students who was mentored by Dr. Campbell and participated in the interim shadowing program at Reading Hospital. I thought that was the greatest thing back then, being able to walk and talk with practicing docs in their environment. Now that I’ve recently graduated from residency and have entered the “real world” as a pediatrician, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come.

There certainly is a big gap from science classes and studying in college to the medical world you are suddenly exposed to as a medical student. Having such a program that trains students to use medical jargon and work intimately in actual medical situations is invaluable and a great way to expose college students to the demands of being a physician. Had it been available when I was a student, I’m sure I would have wanted to be a part of it! Kudos, Albright, for helping students stay ahead of the curve!

Allison K. Wawer-Chubb, DO ’00


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