Albright College

[ sesquicentennial trivia ]

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1) What faculty member left Albright in 1942 to work on the
Manhattan Project, to create the atomic bomb?
2) Who was the longest serving Albright president?
3) Previously called Howe Hall, what building was given its obvious
name by students?
4) Three members of which Dutch family ran the Dining Hall?
5) What Albright athletic director chaired the selection committee
for the U.S. Olympic basketball team?
6) F. Wilbur Gingrich, for whom the Gingrich Library is named, was
an internationally recognized scholar in what language?
7) Before the Campus Center opened in 1969, a vintage WWII
“temporary” building served as the student center, bookstore and
snack bar. What was its name?
8) When were the Albright Woods apartments built?
9) What was the first sorority to be organized at Albright?
10) Approximately how many traditional day students are currently
enrolled at Albright?
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