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by Jennifer Post Stoudt

A source of inspiration, guidance and energy in the modern foreign language department for more than half a century, Charlotte G. Price ’39 has no intention of leaving anytime soon.

From the age of four, Charlotte Guenther Price ’39 lived just a block away from Albright College on North 14th Street in Reading.

She and good friend Helen Teel Riffle ’38, daughter of President Warren F. Teel (1929- 1932), spent many days fooling around on the campus. Several Albright students even taught the youngsters how to play tennis.

And at lunch, the girls would walk to the springhouse (now Sylvan Chapel) where the Teel’s kept their butter and milk cold in the basement. “It was in the days before electric refrigerators,” Price says. “We would go down and bring the stuff up for lunch.”
For Price, Albright was home.

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reporter contents :: albright college