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Greek Life

Is Hollywood's stereo-typical portrayal of Greek organizations realistic? What are the challenges facing Greek life today? And what's going on with Greeks on Albright's campus? Plus, take a brief glimpse into the history of Greeks at Albright.

our Man in Harrisburg
Our Man in

A hearing on teen suicide, a meeting with lobbyists for an environmental group, a photo shoot and calls from doctors upset about skyrocketing insurance costs...see what a typical day is like in the life of Pennsylvania Senator Ted Erickson.

From Welfare to Research
From Welfare
to Research

In 1988 she was a single mom on welfare struggling to get by. As of January 2004 she's Dr. Heidi F. Devlin with a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology. See how hard work and perseverance changed this mom's life forever.

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Greek Life