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Dear Albright Reporter,
I consider your publication a success when it sends me on a trail of memories, which it surely did in the Domino Club story and side article about Al Kutner '60 (Winter 2000, Volume 20, Number 1). I enclose my response and a copy of the program of our 1960 production.

Please keep up the good work, and your interest in "old" grads.

I came to Albright from the smallest of Pennsylvania towns, with no experience of live theater outside of my high school. I participated in plays, but the content was frivolous and non-memorable comedy. At Albright, serious drama grabbed my attention. In the spring of 1959, the Domino Club began using Arena Staging in the refurbished Krause Hall. Al Kutner and Howard Deck played Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan in Inherit the Wind.

A year later, spring of 1960, I found myself in that same arena in the cast of The Diary of Anne Frank. I cannot remember how I got into the production. Perhaps Professor Pat Hostetter encouraged me. Perhaps I looked the part of the Dutch girl, Miep, who brought food and messages to the Frank family in hiding.

Until joining the cast of "Anne," I did not know much about the Holocaust and its horror. Rehearsals thrust me into disturbing awareness. Al Kutner played the role of Mr. Frank. I remember his intonation of horrible words, like "Belsen and Buchenvald." Whatever I read about the Anne Frank story, I always connect to it through the lines of my drama experience at Albright.

Soon after reading your story on the modern-day Domino Club, I learned that Stratford Festival Theater (Stratford, Ontario), close to my home, would present The Diary of Anne Frank as part of its 2000 repertoire. My writing circle, a group of six women who meet weekly, were willing companions to this sad theater story. I dug up my 1960 edition of The Cue. Pictures on pages 120 and 121 helped me recall my role as Miep. There, between the pages, I found a green mimeographed copy of the program, March 16-19, 1960. My memory rush continued, as I reviewed the cast names and the hours we spent together in Krause Hall.

Agnes Oaks Steffy '60

Dear Albright Reporter,
I recently received and read the latest edition of The Albright Reporter, Fall 2000, Volume 20, Number 4, and I have a suggestion relative to the "Death Notices" section of the paper.

I would like to suggest that the notes written about deceased alumni include more information. How difficult would it be to mention activities and memberships the alumnus engaged in while a student at Albright? Was he/she an officer of his/her class? Was he/she a member of a particular fraternity or sorority? Homecoming Queen? Sports team participant? Is there a database of alumni with this kind of information?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly,
Richard R. Rhoads '61

*Editor's Note: We too wish we could do complete obituaries on all alumni. Unfortunately, we just don't have the information to do so.

While our alumni database does have basic current information on our 14,000-plus living alumni, it does not have historic information necessary to produce a complete bio of an individual's school years. We learn of most deaths through our clipping service, or by notification of the Alumni Relations Office by families of the deceased. Generally this information only mentions the fact that the deceased graduated from Albright. The massive research required to provide more detail would be far beyond our small staff's

However, when we do have information about fraternity or sorority affiliation or someone being a former Homecoming Queen or All-Star, we are pleased to share it with the readers of The Albright Reporter.

Dear Albright Reporter,

I always look forward to reading The Albright Reporter when it arrives. Living in Switzerland for almost six years, I enjoy reading all about the ever-changing scenes at Albright. I don't get to the States very often these days, so reading the Reporter is important to me in trying to keep up with the news from the States. Please continue with the terrific work you and your office are doing.

Best Regards,
Michael Fronheiser '79

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