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Albright Receives $50,000 Grant
for Optical Physics Lab

Albright College received a $50,000 grant from The Isadore and Anna Oritsky - Gladys and Eli Skaist Philanthropic Fund to establish a state-of-the-art optics laboratory for its new optical physics program. The grant will provide for equipment including lasers, fiber optics and photodetection equipment, such as CCD cameras.

The gift is in honor of Herman D. Oritsky and Herbert Oritsky '35.

One of the only such programs nationwide at a small college, the optics program leads to a bachelor of science degree in physics with emphasis in optics. The program emphasizes modern optical technologies including fiber optic communication, holography, optical computing, data storage and medical imaging technologies.

The first optics course is scheduled for fall 2001.

Devon Mason, assistant professor of physics and chair of the physics department, said, "I am exhilarated about the new optics lab and the impact it will have on the science program at Albright. Not only will it benefit our department but it will potentially enhance the other science programs on campus by possibly providing medical imaging and optical instrumentation courses."

According to Brian Buerke, assistant professor of physics, "This grant is a vital step forward in establishing the optics program, which will give our students a unique advantage in the information age. Optics is the technological backbone of the telecommunications industry and will play a major role in the development of high-speed computing and data storage. The advantage of optical technology is seen in the difference between, say, compact discs and phonograph records. Knowledge of optics is knowledge of tomorrow's technology."

For information about the optical physics program, contact Albright's Admission Office at
610-921-7512 or 800-252-1856.

Dean of Admission
Promoted to
Vice President

Gregory E. Eichhorn has been promoted from dean of admission to vice president for enrollment management. As vice president, Eichhorn will oversee admission, financial aid and retention.

Eichhorn holds a bachelors degree in marketing from Fairfield University and a master of business administration degree from Hofstra University. He began working at Albright in 1993 as assistant director of admission.

The new position, he said, will help "tie together the recruitment and retention process" helping Albright students to succeed throughout all four of their college years.

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