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Dear Albright Reporter,

Congratulations to the College Relations team for another outstanding issue of the prize-winning Reporter. My husband Robert Keefer '78 and I enjoy each issue and have noticed it maturing into a very sophisticated publication over the last few years.

We read, with interest, the article about Dr. Karen Campbell and her research on bats. As we read we were expecting to find a tip-of-the-cap to Albright's former chiroptologist, John Hall, Ph.D., a professor of biology for many years including the 1970s when we were students.

He inspired many to pursue vocations and avocations in the study of wildlife and ecology. Albright College is fortunate in being able to uphold it's longstanding reputation of having a renowned bat expert and dedicated student mentor on its faculty.

Nancy Konopka '79

Dear Albright Reporter,

I was astounded that the article "Albright's Own BATWOMAN," about Karen Campbell, Ph.D., did not even mention Albright's own BATMAN, John Hall, Ph.D. Is the past so distant and memory so fleeting that you forgot he ever taught so many of us to be bat lovers, cavers and spelunkers?

No slight to Karen Campbell, but I bet she owes her job to filling in after Hall retired. Doc Hall kept Caribbean fruit bats in the basement of the Science Building for years, had a doctorate studying the endangered Indiana Bat, now very much more endangered with White-nose Syndrome that has claimed some 95 percent of the eastern bat population, and took scads of us caving in West Virginia each year to study bats and caves. He made the best dandelion wine this side of the Susquehanna.

Let's remember whose shoulders we stand on and raise a glass to Doc Hall and Karen Campbell.

Mark J. Rauzon '74

Dear Albright Reporter,

I enjoyed reading your article about Dr. Sarel Fuchs in the spring 2013 issue ofThe Reporter. I am now completing my 16th year of teaching and have Dr. Fuchs to thank for preparing me well for the profession. In the classes that lead up to the student-teaching semester and during that semester, Dr. Fuchs pushes her students, never settling for mediocrity. Although I'm sure I felt burdened by the workload then, I quickly came to appreciate her efforts when I began teaching. I entered my first year of the profession along with six other first-year teachers in my school and I truly felt as if I was better prepared than them largely due to Dr. Fuchs' influence and high standards. I still employ many of the tricks of the trade that she teaches her prospective teachers. Although I am not one to put down American education, I am certain that our schools would all be better off if Dr. Fuchs were somehow able to train all of their teachers.

Thank you for writing the article and allowing me to reflect on the tremendously positive influence that Dr. Fuchs has had on my career.

Chris Patrick '96


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