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Magic, Beauty and the Class of 2013 Matt Bauer '13

brushesEach year President McMillan, in consultation with the Honors and Awards Committee, chooses one graduate to present a senior address at Commencement. This year, Matt Bauer '13, president of the Student Government Association, was chosen to address his classmates. Following is an excerpt from his remarks.

Every day, this class, the Class of 2013, inspires me. Your faces and energy have brought so much light into my life.

I came to Albright with a very black and white view of the world and of people. This class has opened my eyes not only to shades of gray, but to vibrant and beautiful colors. These colorful years will live forever in my memory, so thank you for filling them with warmth, laughter and love.

Speaking of love, I love graduations. They are joyous and celebratory and a testament to our youth and our growth. I love many things: my family, my friends, Albright, mother science, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and basically anything that involves magic.

Magic is an idea filled with power, creativity and possibility. Some people dismiss it as having no foundation in reality, as merely a creation of childhood whimsy. I beg to differ.

Magic is a spark: the moment you first met one of your best friends at Albright. Moments so permanently ingrained into your memory that you know they resulted from more than a coincidence, more than a stroke of chance, but rather a spark of magic that connected you to a friend you'll have for life. Magic is pride: the experience of seeing a friend or classmate on the stage, on the field, or in the pool showcasing an incredible combination of talent and passion. Magic is transformative: the growth that corresponds with hundreds of strangers changing to become one class of friends.

We've done more, changed more, started more, and been more than any class before us. We've shown our strength and diversity of character. We've established tradition, been leaders on campus and have excelled in academics and athletics. We are a brilliant collection of remarkable young adults who are responsible for weaving threads of magic through the fabric that holds this class and community together so strongly.

Magic isn't fantasy. I believe we all have experienced it here; it exudes from our passions, our labors and our connections. Thank you all for making magic a reality for me. As my queen JK Rowling said, "We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already."

I do not doubt that your power will be grand enough to transform either a big or a small part of our world. As we walk across the stage, it becomes our duty to share our gifts and our talents.

In our Albright bubble, it is easy to forget that our years here are just a stepping stone into our futures. Like the cherry blossom trees that line the trail between Science and Teel halls, our time at Albright, when looked at in perspective, is short. Our blossoms here may be falling to the ground, but like I heard this year, "Things aren't beautiful all on their own, beautiful comes from reflection."

When I look back, I have happy memories, few regrets, and experiences that will last in my mind as beauty Albright has never seen before.

"Things aren't beautiful all on their
own, beautiful comes from reflection."


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