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Dear Albright Reporter, I enjoy, as many obviously do, the Reporter. I would like to suggest that sometime you do a feature on Dr. Albert Schwartz, biology assistant professor from 1956 to 1960. Dr. Schwartz was an influence to many in his stay at Albright, and his work in zoology was widely recognized. The students who accompanied him on his trips to the Caribbean are an elderly bunch already, and if their stories are not gathered soon they never will be. Schwartz's most well known protege is George Zug '60, who became the prominent herpetologist of his generation.

I would be glad to help you reach some of the Albrightians influenced by this teacher. - Barton L. Smith, M.D. '60

Editor's Note: Read more about Barton Smith's memories of Dr. Schwartz in "A Few Days at the Hotel Rancho San Vicente," a piece submitted for the Celebration of the Sciences web page.

Dear Albright Reporter, I just received the latest Reporter issue, and I was once again blown away and impressed by it. I look forward to getting the magazine, and each one is just as, if not more, impressive than its predecessor—and I felt that you should know!

It makes me proud to know that I was a part of such a fantastic magazine, even if it was for only a few months.

I typically keep them around the house, and when people come over, they are impressed. I get a lot of comparisons to the PSU alumni magazine.

It makes me proud to say I was a tiny part of it, and on a larger scale, to say that that is my college. It makes me a bit nostalgic and wistful, as well.

So, I just wanted to pass along my thanks for your and the rest of the gang's hard work and dedication in creating a seriously awesome magazine. - Kristen Adams '08


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