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Dear Albright Reporter:

I enjoyed reading the article about the Albright students’ cultural trip to the Dominican Republic. I hope this program will continue.

It also brought back memories of my own experience there in 1965-66. Following the assassination of long-time dictator Trujillo, a civil war started. When it looked like the side supported by Cuban leader Castro was about to take over, President Lyndon Johnson intervened. He sent the 82nd Airborne Division there to stop the war. After only a few weeks of intense fighting, U.S. forces were able to bring a truce between the opposing sides.

I was an Air Force officer assigned to the 82nd staff. We stayed around for almost a year performing peace-keeping duty until democratic elections were held.

I guess you can say we won this one, because peace and democracy have existed there since we left.

William E. Shine ’49


reporter contentsalbright college